SAMBA team member artwork is done by Wedge Prower, author of Dark Messiah and CGed by Usagi Hinorei, author of Crazy Adventures. Striker, Zero and Kivane artwork done by the uber talented Robert Oakes, author of Viral Influence. Click on the thumbnails for the full portrait. Many props to everyone who let me use their characters. Characters will be added as they appear (or if I feel like adding them) and are property of their respective owners.

The Special Active Mobile Battle Array (SAMBA)

I'll give you credit for your bravado.  I hope you can back it up..
Name: Xavier 'iX' Light
Time Created: Mid 20XX
Position: Commander in Chief
Hair Color: Blood red
Background: Formerly known as Rockman X before he was transformed into an interdimensional peace keeping officer (known as Sentinels) by Duo. Built to be the heir of the Rockman legacy by the famous roboticist of 20XX Dr. Thomas Light. X underwent thirty years of ethics simulations before he was found by Dr. Cain and became the basis of a new type of free-thinking robot, reploids. Xavier is a calm and collected individual that leads SAMBA after petitioning the concept of its creation to former commander, Doctor Cain. Xavier has yet to achieve his full potential as a Sentinel. He's also romantically involved with Zero Wily.

iX is property of iX.


Can you hear your soul begging for a quick release?
Name: Ikari Geeto
Time Created: Mid 21XX
Position: Commander
Hair Color: Silver
Background: A male doppleganger of Zero Wily created by Berkana to act as another Soul Eraser. As such, he's capable of removing and absorbing the DNA Souls of reploids along with his knowledge of Zero's saber training. Ikari confronted Xavier during the case as was nearly destroyed. Upon finding out that Berkana and Gareth were involved with Sigma, Ikari defected and joined the Irregular Hunters, moving into the SAMBA unit with Xavier as its commander. Ikari is calm and collected like his superior officer, but can easily become arrogant and hotheaded when angered.

Ikari is property of me, Arekusu Ikari, bitches.

Prepare yourself...for the Irregular Nightmare is upon you!!
Name: Grid Cain
Time Created: Early 21XX
Position: Expert Combat Specialist
Hair Color: Silver
Background: The first reploid created by Doctor Cain after he discovered and analyzed Xavier. He's Dr. Cain's 'son' of sorts. Built only with close-range combat in mind, Grid suffers a bit of a disadvantage in combat but attempts to level the balance through use of the Grand Saber and Ground Wave technique. During the first Irregular Rebellion caused by Sigma, Grid's battle systems were infected, turning him into a one reploid killing machine once he gets going. Fearing that Grid would be branded as an Irregular by the public, Cain transferred Grid to SAMBA due to the general low-profile operations. Grid is good friends with Arylon Wily.

Grid Cain is property of Wedge Prower.

Please hold still.  This won't hurt a bit.
Name: Usagi Rei
Born: Mid 21XX
Position: Medical Field Operations Officer
Hair Color: Purple and blonde
Background: A human girl who was a medical college graduate well-versed in both the artificial bodies of reploids and the organic bodies of human. Thanks to her education, Usagi is a very competent healer and roboticist. The armor she wears was self-made, specializing in protecting her vital human parts as well as being able to produce a beam claw weapon and the standard MKXVII buster. Zero recruited her to act as SAMBA's medical advisor. Needless to say, she's getting plenty of field experience, both medical and combat oriented.

Usagi Rei is property of Usagi Hinorei

I am the reaper.  A personal killer.  I take life from the masses, one bullet at a time.
Name: Ian Vespers
Born: Late 20XX
Position: Expert Sharpshooter Specialist
Hair Color: Chocolate brown
Background: A former human. Ian was born in 20XX and was kidnapped by Albert Wily to be a test subject in his quest for immortality, which ultimately ended in failure when Ian's mind infected his computer. During another of Wily's prison sentences, Ian created a makeshift body for himself and escaped, living the life of a hired hand. He brandishes a special weapon system to produce elemental effects and is a top class sniper. Due to the haphazard way he created his body, there were numerous errors and balance issues that could've killed him at any moment. True to his mercenary nature, Ian is generally confident if not a bit a playboy. Zero hired his sniping skills years after the destruction of the Eurasia space colony when orbital colonies were seen as potential terrorist weapons. In exchange for his services, Usagi repaired and upgraded his body.

You can read Ian and Cutlass' non-SAMBA exploits in Shadows on the Wall by Ian (guess who he belongs to).

Heavy Ordinance?  Yeah, I'm in.
Name: Cutlass Chasm
Time Created: Late 20XX
Position: Field Operations Commander
Hair Color: Pirate brown
Background: The first and final creation of Doctor Chasm, a roboticist that specialized in the hyperstring theory. As such, Cutlass has the ability to alter his own fate and the fate of those around him. Cutlass was found by Ian while he was hunting a, believe it or not, vampire by the name of Pariah. During a pause in the battle, Dr. Chasm abducted Ian and asked him to look after his creation. Ian agreed to do so, if not a bit reluctantly. Since then, Cutlass stuck with Ian. He is unusually powerful, even when compared to reploids though he doesn't show it too terribly often and instead, brandishes a double-sided saber for melee combat. When Zero bought Ian's services, Cutlass came with.

Cutlass is property of The Cap'n.

Time is like a river.  Small rocks like you can never hope to stop it.
Name: Cronos Time-Light
Time Created: Late 20XX
Position: Investigative Supervisor
Hair Color: Rose red
Background: Originally from another dimension along with Arylon, Cronos is a creation of an alternate Dr. Light. He was stranded in this dimension with Arylon during a battle with his 'other-half', Altor. As his name may suggest, Cronos possesses the ability to manipulate time for a few short moments in manners such as freezing its flow or speeding it up. Unfortunately, due to his limited power core, he rarely uses this ability and instead, relies on his saber and buster that strain his energy less. Cronos joined up with the hunters during the Repliforce Wars and was transferred to SAMBA by Zero after it was formed.

You can read Cronos' non-SAMBA exploits at Escapades by Cronos (to whom Cronos belongs to) and Memnoch.

You wanna fight?  Man, fuck you.  Can't you see I'm drinking?
Name: Arylon Wily
Time Created: Late 20XX
Position: Expert Combat Specialist
Hair Color: Blue
Background: A Wily Bot from the same dimension as Cronos. Arylon was built along with Zero and their speedy banana brother, Six. He was caught in the fight with Altor and Cronos, ending up in this dimension with them. An talented melee fighter, Arylon earned a position in SAMBA by showing his prowess during the Repliforce Wars and was recruited by Zero. Due to his rather intensive drinking habit, Arylon's personality and behavior can be somewhat eccentric from time to time. Good friends with Grid.

Catch Arylon's non-SAMBA adventures at History's End and Reality's End by Arylon (duh).

Please, don't take this personally.  It's only business.
Name: Shift Rigel
Time Created: Mid 21XX
Position: Covert Operations Specialist
Hair Color: Dark blue
Background: An experimental reploid built using 'Demon' technology. Like an other colored demon, Shift's body can be manipulated anyway he sees fit, such as becoming a floor of spikes, becoming thin enough to sneak through small vent shafts or disguising himself as another reploid. Because of this, Shift always feels out of place when grouped together with other reploids. He's a bit of a loner, but puts it aside when he's working with the rest of his team. Xavier brought him on board to be SAMBA's covert ops agent.

Shift is property of Shift Rigel/Shenalia/The Elf/Yote's Bitch

I hate to get violent, but you leave me no choice...
Name: Arabelle Kintotech
Time Created: Early 21XX
Position: Intelligence Analyst Specialist
Hair Color: Blonde, brown and white
Background: An unfinished project by Julian Kintotech, Arabelle was abandoned when her creator died and was eventually found by Cain Labs and her body and A.I. were finished and she was immediately sent to the short-staffed hunters. By the time she was found and repaired, the Repliforce War was nearing the final stretch. Regardless, she was sent out to the battlefield, where she convinced multiple non-infected irregulars to cease and desist. Due to her actions, Arabelle was rewarded with a transfer to SAMBA by a very pleased and very impressed Zero.

Arabelle is property of Goldenwing(6560)

Irregular Hunters

When I told you to fight me again when you're stronger, I didn't mean when you THINK you're stronger.
Name: Strike Cain
Time Created: Early 21XX
Position: Base Commander of Irregular Headquarters Brazil
Hair Color: Dark blue
Background: Another one of Doctor Cain's early creations. Strike is a very humble, but an aggressive fighter. He had a hand in closing the Soul Eraser case on Laguz Island, earning him the position of commander of the Irregular Hunter Brazilian branch.

Strike Cain is property of the very photosynthetic Robert Oakes (Tree)

You have three minutes until termination.
Name: Zero Wily
Time Created: Late 20XX
Position: Base Commander of Irregular Headquarters Japan
Hair Color: Sand blonde
Background: The final creation of Doctor Albert Wily, the mad roboticist of 20XX. Originally known as The Red Maverick, Zero was beaten by Sigma and reprogrammed by Doctor Cain. Since then, she's continually been at X's side in Sigma's continued uprisings, eventually becoming the commander of the Irregular Hunter Japanese branch after the Doppler Wars. She's romantically involved with Xavier.

Femme Zero sprites by Kieran Walker. Kieran Walker. Not Keiran.

I invite you to try your hand.
Name: Kivane Levin
Born: Early 21XX
Position: Irregular Hunter Support Unit/Spotter
Hair Color: Blonde
Background: One of the few successful biomechanical humans (in this case, cybernetically enhanced human) in the world. Kivane is particularly talented roboticist with a small taste for taboo. Formerly a roboticist for hire, she was employed by a group of guerilla calling themselves 'Black Spider' to build reploids that could resist Soul Erasure to fight against the 'oppression' of the Irregular Hunters.

Kivane Levin/Locke is property of Kieran Walker (sprites by teh Oakie Dokie)

Outside Forces

Raku ni wa shineenzo!*
Name: Kagemaru Takagi
Time Created: Mid 20XX
Position: None. Kagemaru is not employed by the hunters.
Hair Color: Brown
Background: The upgraded creation of one of Doctor Light's college friends, Doctor Takagi. Another biomechanical being though he was never a human like Kivane. A master of the old ninja arts, ninpou and a top-notch fighter, Kagemaru is a force to be reckoned with. Kagemaru, having known Rockman in his former 'life', considers his successor, X, an equally good friend.

You can read more of Kagemaru non-SAMBA adventures at the SaikyoPowaa in A Ninja in 20XX by Son Goharotto, whom Kagemaru belongs to.

* Raku ni wa shineenzo translates to 'You won't die easily!'

The Irregulars

Name: Hachiman a.k.a. 'Sandman'
Time Created: Early 21XX
Hair Color: Grey
Background: The hunter gone irregular that lead Black Spider. Sandman was leaking information as well as stealing weapons and personal data for the guerillas until his demise at the hands of Arylon Wily.

Hachiman is property of Memnoch.

Name: Peridian
Time Created: Mid 21XX
Hair Color: Black
Background: A Brazilian made reploid brandishing Brazil's flag colors in the most eye-searing fashion possible. Quickly went irregular after creation and became Hachiman's minion. Peridian was eliminated by Shift.

Peridian is property of Peridian I guess.

For my father!
Name: Cenarius Blackheart
Time Created: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Background: A mysterious reploid under the command of his 'father' that was last seen in Kizarazu, commanding a squad of security officers for Illusion Labs. After a duel with Kagemaru, he was forced to retreat at his father's behest.

Cenarius is property of Cronos.

Do not hesitate if you desire to live.
Name: Altor Blackheart
Time Created: Unknown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Background: The 'other half' of Cronos that was pulled into the dimension. Altor's motives are unknown, hidden by his confident demeanor and general unwillingness to attack the population at large. He was last seen on the rooftop of Illusion Labs in Kizarazu, fighting with Ikari.

Altor is property of Cronos.