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Birthday: Feb. 18th, 2001


Isaac Clarke recommends the Plasma Cutter or Ripper for all your wood cutting needs.

Magi - Death & Rebirth #028 - "LG Orbifold."

code: Samba Magi> Might Morphin' Apathy Rangers fillers

Groundbreaking news! Fresh off the press! Read all about it! - September, 2009


I think the one or two people who still venture this way can probably guess that I've sort've fallen out of this whole website maintenance thing. I don't really have anything to say other than 'It got boring' and otherwise stopped being enjoyable or interesting some time ago like sprite comics. It was a riot while I was doing it regularly, but there's just not much to be done with this anymore. I'm sure if I developed some artistic talent or somehow suckered a good artist into working for free, I could provide some kind of new comic because I know I sure have ideas for one.

That said, I actually updated the rants against because these things have been bothering me lately. I just can't get as bent out of shape about them because I gotta watch my stress now! Having a heart attack will do this to a person.

You can find all my old and particularly sparse rants over here. Sometimes it even gets updated.


Give me something to look at in between waiting for spam.       Hey, don't e-mail Matt.  He's boring and lame.

The number of people who have had unfortunate Makai induced traffic accidents stands at...

Jedah: Can I go home now? Please?

Also, Super Talking Space Cats. Ladies, I must check your temperature with my homemade thermometer.  Now turn your head and cough. Bad Sonic games are no good. I am aware of the inherent irony of this button.

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