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[Pioneer 2 Theater]

Arekusu is wearing a blindfold and twirling a glowing violet katana in his hand with the other tied behind his back. Before him are a line of straw dummies. Taking a deep breath, the HUmar shifts a bit and returns back to his original position. On cue, the straw dummies split and fall to the ground as Arekusu removes his blindfold.

Arekusu: Not too shabby. The Yamigarasu is a pretty impressive weapon...a little better than the Orotiagito.

Suddenly, a video screen snaps open right in his face, showing a rather annoyed Tyrell.

Tyrell: Greetings Failure. I found two of your OTHER cohorts that you've kept a secret from me and I sent them to get their proper punishment. They should arrive right about...now.

On cue, the teleporter chimes and shuts itself off after depositing two women into the room. One, a black clad RAcaseal stands and looks around. She spots Arekusu and glares at him, storming toward the HUmar...until the other woman, a HUnewearl stands and takes notice to him, practically flying into him.

HUnewearl: Arek honey! I've missed you!

Arekusu steps to the side to avoid her but gets a metal knuckle to his face instead.

RAcaseal: Hey you jerk. What's up with me getting sent here for being one of your 'cohorts'...*now noticing the HUnewearl* And who is your lovely friend here?
Arekusu: *rubbing his nose* Hello to you too Nanako. That would be my ex-girlfriend. Kaerai. Kaerai, Nanako.
Nanako: EX-girlfriend? Why would you leave such a beautiful woman...?
Arekusu: Because we fought a lot...and we were both a bit too sarcastic toward one another.
Kaerai: Oh, but you were still so nice to me most of the time.

Kaerai latches onto Arekusu and nuzzles against him.

Meltina's voice: Arek? I heard the teleporter go off! Are you okay?
Arekusu: Oh great...this'll be wonderful..

Meltina's head peeks in around the door and almost instantly, she glares at Arekusu while Kaerai continues to nuzzle against him.

Meltina: And what's THIS honey?
Kaerai: ....Honey?
Nanako: ...Hmm...she looks cute, her head anyway.
Arekusu: Er...just an old girlfriend of mine. Eh heh...

By this time, Meltina has entered the room and approached Arek, standing toe to toe with him.

Meltina: You wouldn't be thinking about...cheating on me would you? That would break my heart and if that happened, I'd have to break your spine...
Arekusu: *swallowing hard* Yes ma'am...
Nanako: I'm impressed Arek. You know a lot of hotties don't you?
Meltina: And who's THIS? *gesturing toward Nanako*
Arekusu: *flatly* Just a lesbian RAcaseal I know.
Nanako: Hey! I thought we were friends!
Arekusu: Not with how you treat me half of the time.

The four start arguing while Tyrell shakes his head, muttering things under his breath. It isn't long before he gets fed up with it.

All: ...
Tyrell: That's better. You get to continue viewing your lovely piece of work already in progress so hop to it. *hits a button*
Arekusu: Don't look now but we got LEMON SIGN!! C'mon! Move it!
Meltina: I'm not letting you out of my sight.
Kaerai: Me neither! I can't you leave you alone with that crazy woman! She wants to kill you if you ever dumped her!
Nanako: Well, suppose I'll go along too...maybe I can get a date out of one of them..

[Seating Chart (Left to Right): Nanako, Kaerai, Arekusu and Meltina]

Kaerai: Awww...is it a movie? It's been a while since you took me out to a movie Arek.
Meltina: Grrr...
Arekusu: It's not your...average movie.

>Kyle turned back to the newear. "Well, I don't think either of you are in
>any condition to keep going today.

Arekusu (Kyle): Let alone anyday.

>You've got to rest after that injury," he then pointed to Laria, "and she's
>in desperate need of a new uniform."

Nanako (Kyle): She can wear mine...after she gets me out of it I mean.

>The old Newear stood up with Kyle's assistance, and agreed, "You're right.
>I can't have her running around showing herself off like that.

Arekusu and Nanako: Oh but they can. *Kae and Mel hit Arek*

>It wouldn't be proper. Please, allow me to telepipe us to my research
>station on Pioneer Two. I can further explain while Laria's changing."

Kaerai: So are they gonna watch her change while they talk or what?
Nanako: Ooo...change scene with a naked girl...

>Kyle nodded his head, and the old man chanted his technique. "Space
>separate, and carve us a path to where we need to go. RYUKER."

Arekusu: Once again I ask...since when do we chant for our spells? I've done it once a two but not EVERY single time.

>A pillar of light opened up, shooting skyward, as a complex hexagram formed
>on the ground. "Laria, please step through here."

Meltina: But when she didn't move, Kyle shoved her into it and to her death as the pipe lead to a horny De Rol Le's lair!

>The RAcaseal smiled at the man she called her father, "Yay, we get to go
>home now. I don't like it here. There are too many mean creatures."

Arekusu: THAT'S an understatement?
Kaerai: Why's that?
Nanako: Do tell Arek...
Arekusu: Well you see...the red RAcaseal got raped by a Booma and it nearly made the first Booma/Android hybrid had Kyle not...*wince* cut it off.
Kaerai and Nanako: O_O .........

>The old man smiled, "Yes, but we have to go quickly now, so I can get home

Kaerai (Slayne): I'm missing my soaps!
Arekusu: Oh boo fucking hoo.

>and rest." She bounded over, half skipping, to go through the teleportal.

Dark Falz: Feel the happiness! *retch*
Arekusu: Quiet you.

>Kyle motioned for Dr. Slayne to go through after her, "After you sir. I
>don't want to risk any more of those things leaping out at us."

Nanako: ...Gay Boomas?
Meltina (Booma): Well roar baby...rooooooar...*Arekusu whimpers*

>The old man laughed, very well lad, I'll go. But please hurry afterward.
>What I have to tell you isn't for Laria's ears just yet."

Arekusu: Ah, so he's just a dirty old man after all.
Nanako: So? You're a dirty young man.
Kaerai: A dirty handsome young man...*nuzzles against Arekusu again*
Meltina: And MY dirty handsome young man. *pulls Arekusu away*

>With that, he stepped through, and vanished in a flash. "Isn't for
>Laria's ears... what's he mean by that," Kyle wondered. Oh well, I guess I
>better head on through. He followed them into the portal at that point,
>and was whisked away.

Dark Falz: I'm...sailing away...


Kaerai: Someone thinks highly of something highly bad.

>Kyle arrived in what looked like a mad scientist's workshop,

Nanako: Oh god! It's the lair of an sadomaso freak! Horrors!
Arekusu: I wouldn't mind a good lashing right now...er...I mean, horrors!

>which wasn't too far from the truth in a way. "Ah, Kyle, lad. Glad you

Meltina (Kyle): You dumbshit. This pipe only goes one place.

>I told Laria to go shower and change, to get all that gook off her,"

Nanako: *flatly* I imagine Kaerai and Meltina had to do that a lot.
Arekusu: Hey! It's not like I'm 90% sperm or anything!
Dark: 45% of that would be EVIL sperm. Mwahahahaha!
All but DF: Shut up!

>Dr. Slayne told him. "Now come here and sit down.

Kaerai (Slayne): Come sit in Uncie Slayne's lap and tell him what's wrong.

>I've much to explain to you, and I have to finish before Laria gets back
>here." The old man motioned toward a couple of recliners, and sat in one,

Meltina: For the Superbowl was about to begin.
Arekusu: Superbowl!! WOOOOOOOOO!!

>which Kyle followed suit and sat in the other.

Arekusu: But then got up against so he could grab the beer caps and bowl of nuts.

>"It all started a while ago. Laria was not originally a caseal." The
>doctor told him. Kyle looked shocked, "What do you mean, she wasn't
>originally a caseal?"

Nanako (Slayne): I'm saying she was an RAcaseal up until we started calling her a caseal.

>Dr. Slayne looked down at his hands resting in his lap, "Just what I said,
>she was originally my daughter, Laria Slayne. She was quite skilled as a
>force, but while we were out on a mission, she was very horribly wounded.

Kaerai (Shining Force): Hero attacks! The attack was fatal! Rune Knight is defeated!

>She was dying, and I had no way to save her. My powers had been diminished
>in the battle, with barely enough to make it back home.

Meltina: With all that god damn TP they get, how does it run out so fast?
Kaerai: Let's bear in mind that we're in fanfic land.

>She died in my arms before I could get her to the medical station. They
>tried to revive her for several minutes, as I watched them, but it was no
>use. Her wounds were too severe."

Nanako: I wonder they like...tried using a Moon Atomizer or Reverser?
Arekusu: Nah. That wouldn't work here. Seems it only brings you back to full health and TP when you're near death.
Dark Falz: So there are stupider things than the mistranslation of my name.
Arekusu: Believe it or not.

>"A friend of mine, Dr. Montague was there as well." He continued, not
>wanting to risk Laria walking in

Dark Falz: On Kyle and the doc.
Arekusu: ...Say one more yaoi-ish thing and I'll go watch twenty-four hours of Pokémon reruns.
Darl Falz: *quietly* I'll be good...

>if he didn't finish in time. "He's a renowned cybernetics scientist, while
>I specialized in neurology. He offered to build me a body for her,

Arekusu: I thought there was only one type of bodybuilding. The kind that lead to this! *flexes and shows off the six pack*
Kaerai: *_* That should be the only kind of bodybuilding...
Meltina: *_* Amen...
Nanako: Pffft...steroids.
Arekusu: Put a sock in it Tinwoman.

>that would match her previous one, in all aspects but

Meltina: Everything.
Nanako: No kidding. Meltina and I look human.
Arekusu: So long as no one pays attention to your fingers.

>the eye. We cryogenically froze her brain, to preserve it, and set out to
>give her the most advanced caseal body he'd ever made.

Meltina: I doubt it. My body is the perfect and most advanced one. Right honey? *bats her eyelashes at Arekusu*
Arekusu: *noting glares from Kaerai* Uh...I'd have to say I'm the most successful combo of cybernetics, genetics and neurology.
Nanako: But someone gave birth to you.
Rico's voice: I was in labor for like three days!
Arekusu: Can we STOP picking on me?

>He'd just finished one previously, that he'd programmed to have real
>emotions and had named Elenor.

Hidden's voice: Who got to 'know' Arekusu here REALLY well. Heh heh heh...*Kaerai and Meltina just stare at Arekusu*
Arekusu: What? That naive thing she does is an act in the bedroom! I swear! Er...oops. *Kae and Mel both deck him*

>Using the knowledge he had from that endeavor, he gave Laria a complex
>nervous system, for both pain and pleasure sensors, and synthesized her
>internal organs to make her as close to being human as she could be.

Rico's voice: Too bad they never asked me for help. If they had, Laria AND Elenor would practically be RAmarls. *I* am the expert of neurology, cybernetics and genetics. Not to mention the greatest hunter of all time.
Arekusu: Stop boosting your ego Mom.
Dark Falz: Yeah. You didn't do so hot trying to defend yourself against me.
Rico's voice: Neither did Arekusu.
Arekusu: Considering I was only like 12 when it happened, I think I did pretty well. I mean, I sealed DF in my arm for Christ's sake.
Dark Falz: It was cramped in there.

>He even gave her genitalia, and at my request, we surgically implanted her
>uterus and ovum so that she could bear children still. If she did become
>pregnant, her body would adapt her abdomen to extend out to accommodate the
>child, as a natural woman's body would."

Meltina: All this talk of being natural and fake is hurting my feelings.
Nanako: *hopeful* Does someone need a hug?
Meltina: Yes. *Nanako spreads her arms but sweatdrops when Mel hugs Arekusu*

>"After several weeks, we had her body perfected. The only difference was
>that she was now nearly seven feet tall, so her body could accommodate the
>new organs, and she had solid blue eyes. Also, her skin tone was more of a
>grayish-white color, instead of her previous golden brown."

Arekusu: *gets out of his seat and kneels in front of Nanako* Hmm... *stare*
Nanako: ...What're you staring at?!
Arekusu: Hmmmmm...
Nanako: *blushing* What?!
Arekusu: Your eyes look a bit more real than Mel's do.
Meltina: Sorry I don't meet up to your standards sweetie.

>He raised a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose between his thumb and
>index finger as he continued on,

Dark Falz (Slayne): Ouch. I pinched myself. It hurt.
Kaerai: Ladies and gentlemen, DF discovers physics.

>"Unfortunately, when we placed her brain inside, she didn't know anything
>about her previous self. The only thing she remembered was that I was her
>father, but didn't remember that she was originally a Force.

Nanako (Slayne): That one was my fault though. I accidently cracked her upside the head with my staff.
Arekusu (Slayne): *copying a golf swing* WUH-PAH!

>As such, she took some time to get used to the new body, as a child
>learning to walk would. Her sexuality hadn't diminished either, and I took
>the precaution of putting a lock down on her cycles,

Arekusu (Slayne): I didn't feel like putting up with her PMSing bullshit.
Meltina and Nanako: Why didn't they do that for us?
Kaerai: If it makes you feel any better, Arekusu's girl half suffers from it too.
Arekusia's voice: Much to my dismay!
Arekusu: ¬_¬;; Too bad I still feel the pain from the cramps when I turn back. Gah...take five people.

[Living Quarters]

Arekusu is still stuck between the HUnewearl and the RAcaseal as he attempts to take a short nap. Both females continue to attempt to pull him closer only to negate the other's attempt. Nanako looks on, staring into space as if she didn't notice the whole fight. After several minutes, a video screen appears before them and Arekusu opens an eye to look at Tyrell.

Tyrell: Ikari. You have a visitor.

Just as Tyrell finishes speaking, Rico teleports in and glares at him.

Rico: And just WHO gave you permission to start dating young man?
Arekusu: Er...no one...
Rico: Then why're you DATING?!
Arekusu: I...um...uh...
Meltina: Hey! Who do you think you are, just telling him when he can and can't date?!
Kaerai: He looks and acts mature enough to date so just piss off lady!
Rico: I'm his MOTHER and I refuse to allow him to date you...you SLUTS!

Nanako looks up at the sudden shout, along with Arekusu, who is now sweating. Kaerai and Meltina are both speechless. Rico stands there, looking triumphant until the previous mentioned women get in her face.

Kaerai: We are...
Meltina: Not...
Kaerai and Meltina: SLUTS!!
Dark Falz: That's not a good excuse you know. 'Arekusu Ikari cannot go out on dates simply because his mommy has forbid it'. Hahahahaha! What a puss!

By this time, Arekusu's face is nearly glowing red with embarrassment as he sits there silently hanging his head. The three women continue to bicker until Arekusu looks up and loses it.

Arekusu: SHUT UP!! *pointing at Meltina and Kaerai* Stop fighting with my mother for crying out loud!! *points towards Rico* I grew up on my own necause you weren't there, I lived how I wanted, did what I wanted and dammit, I'll date whoever I want!! I'm not a kid anymore so let me live my own life!

Tossing his hair, Arekusu stands and walks back into the theater, throwing on a jacket he grabbed on the way in. Nanako is second to leave, shooting a glance toward all three women while doing so.

Nanako: What would you all do if I was interested in him?

Instantly, Meltina, Kaerai and Rico get up and chase Nanako into the theater.

[Seating Chart: Arekusu, Nanako, Meltina, Kaerai and Rico]

Arekusu: .............
Nanako: Back to work.
Kaerai: Don't you want to sit over here with us honey?

The silver haired hunter snorts and crosses his legs.

>in case she found someone she wanted to experiment with.

Nanako: She could experiment on me. *purrs*

>Also, she latched onto Elenor as a big sister,

Arekusu: Big is a bit of an over-statement. Elenor isn't too short or tall. Too flat or too busty. She's right in the middle. *nods firmly* She doesn't complain or any of that either. Just my type of girl...
Nanako: Ooooh. Burned. *points at Kaerai and Meltina*

>and decided to become a Ranger to follow in Elenor's footsteps. I was
>disappointed at first,

Meltina (Slayne): For I wanted to be the father of the first FOcaseal.

>wishing to keep her safe from harm, but I offered her my support in spite
>of that. She's become quite good, but lacks field experience. "

Kaerai (Slayne): There's a field outside. Run through it with her a few times.

>He then turned to look Kyle in the eye, "I'd like you to help her get that
>field experience."

Rico (Kyle): The field is the size of my bed...because the field IS my bed!
Arekusu: Mom!!

>Taken aback, Kyle responded, "Me, sir? But you hardly know me. I mean, >why have you even told me about all this. Some of what you told me is
>something that would probably be classified as illegal."

Nanako (Slayne): I told you all this so I could kill you. *BANG!*

>The older man straightened up, "I've seen you in action, and I saw how you
>thought of other before your own self.

Kaerai: In other words, he did the noble hero thing.
Arekusu: *coughs* I do that too...

>Despite the fact that Laria was a caseal, you showed compassion to her,
>and tried to get her mind off my injuries.

Meltina: Pffft. Who cares if we're androids or not? No one really seems to care. What was Kyle supposed to do?
Arekusu (Kyle): Oh look, an RAcaseal being raped by Boomas. Who cares. Androids are dumb. Fuck them.

>You even gave up one of your weapons to a perfect stranger, just so that he
>would have a better weapon in the event of an emergency.

Nanako: He gave it to Bernie just in case he needed to shoot himself.

>You've got a good heart, and have shown yourself to be a man of honor and

Kaerai: Low-level intelligence.

>integrity. I know I can trust you with my daughter's safety. Also, you're
>the first person that she's met that would be around her actual age.

Arekusu: I think wanna see what the original Laria looked like.
Nanako: Me too.

>She needs to be with someone I feel I can trust with her life, that's also
>in that age group. Otherwise, she'll become isolated and alone. I could
>never live with myself if I allowed that to happen."

Arekusu: .....It really isn't fun to be isolated and alone. I had to go through it due to lack of caring parents.
Rico: *cough* I'm sorry?
Arekusu: Che...

>At that moment, Laria walked into the room. Fresh from her shower, she had

Meltina: Forgotten to put on any clothes or a towel!
Arekusu and Nanako: *stare at the screen* Sweet...

>changed into a new uniform, and walked in, ready to go. "Hey there

Rico (Homer): Blimpy boy...flying through the sky so fancy free...

>everyone," she grinned. "I'm all cleaned up. So, what have you been
>talking about while I was gone?" Kyle was left speechless.

Kaerai: So is Arekusu...
Arekusu: *still staring*

>She was being raped by some of the forest creatures just moments ago, yet
>showed no sign of the trauma she'd endured.

Arekusu: For she suffered from constant memory loss.

>He found himself wondering if that was another side effect of the brain
>transference, or a safeguard her father had put into her.

Nanako: The 'Severe Memory Loss' chip.

>"Oh, I was just telling Kyle how I'm way to old to try keeping up with you
>dear, and how he's agreed to help you get the experience you need,"

Rico (Slayne): Oh goody. I'm gonna have grandchildren!
Kaerai (Laria): Daddy!
Meltina (Kyle): ........

>Dr. Slayne laughed. Kyle was about to protest, when Laria suddenly grabbed
>both his hands.

Kaerai: Insert One-touch Orgasm scene from American Pie here.

>"You mean it! You'd really help me out so that those things won't get the
>better of me again?"

Meltina (Kyle): Of course I will. The mantis in my pantis will be getting the best of you later on anyway.

>He looked down into the hope filled blue eyes, and innocent looking face.
>"eh... Sure, um... I'd be happy to." He said, not wanting to disappoint

Nanako: The disappointment comes later. In bed.

>"GREAT!" She exclaimed, "Let's go right now then. We've still got a few
>hours to explore, so let's make the most of them. Dad's got to recover
>from his injuries, so let's go on our own. That way, I don't have get him
>upset by waking him up while he's resting.

Rico (Kyle): But the game is on! Noooooooooooo!!

>Kyle looked over at him, "Well, at least she's thinking of youuuu..." he
>said as he was suddenly dragged back through the teleportal.

Arekusu: At least I know I'm not the only one with (a) girlfriend(s) trying to dominate the relationship. *snort*
Nanako: In Arekusu's offical profile, it says he hates controlling people.
Kaerai and Meltina: ......

>"Bye kids, have fun," the old man waved, smiling at his daughter's newfound
>enthusiasm at having made a new friend.

Kaerai: So that's what they call them now.


Rico: That's seventy-five stars too many!

>They arrived back where the battle took place. The bodies of the creatures
>had all vanished mysteriously, making Kyle take pause.

Arekusu: It's the Resident Evil crew! They run in and drag the bodies away when you're in another room!

>"Where'd all the bodies go to," Laria asked, showing she was thinking the
>same thing as he was. "I don't know Laria, but let's go. Maybe it was
>another predator, and if it ate all those, I don't think we want to be
>caught by it,"

Meltina: Sweet. The Predators are going to be in this.
Arekusu (Predator Warrior): Come with me if you want to live.

>he told her, as he reaffirmed the grip he had on his Chainsawd. Laria
>nodded in agreement, and the two headed for the door Bernie had disappeared

Kaerai (Bernie): Oh god! It's an evil trans-dimensional doorway to another universe! *WHOOSH*

>By the end of an hour, the pair had worked their way deep into the forest.
>It had started to rain, and Kyle asked Laria if she wanted to turn back.

Rico: Regardless of the fact he was enjoying the view as Laria was wearing WHITE. *someone starts breathing heavily* .....Stop it Arekusu.
Arekusu: Sorry...*the breathing continues* Stop it Nanako.
Nanako: Sorry.

>She assured him that she'd be fine, and the two had pressed on for two more
>sections, before a familiar scene was happening, only with different

Nanako: Muppets gone bad. *dramatic thunder*

>A FOmarl, with deep brown skin, and long naturally white hair was being

Arekusu: I have a sister?!
Rico: *angry* No! One three day labor was enough!

>assaulted by a group of three beast neither of them had ever seen before.
>The Hildebears all looked to be about ten feet tall, and eight feet wide.

Meltina: *mouth watering* I wish my boyfriend were a Hildebear...
Kaerai: Me too...
Arekusu: It's talking about the height of the Hildebear itself!!
Meltina and Kaerai: *disappointed* Oh..

>It's huge arms dragged the ground, with hands the size of wrecking balls.

Hidden's voice (Butt-head): Huh huh...he said wrecking.
Arekusu (Beavis): Heh heh...yeah! Then he said balls.

>Two of them were standing around, the largest of the group, each with a
>very hard erection,

Nanako: As opposed to very soft.
Kaerai (GTA2 Radio): Oooh...you got Softy!
Meltina (Ditto): Try The Hardener!
Rico (Ditto): New and improved to help the fight against Flopsy! Hi-YAH!

>waiting their turn with the human female, who's dress had been torn from
>her body and was currently trying to take the leader's massive erection
>into her much smaller frame.

Arekusu: ..........
Rico: What's wrong sweetie?
Arekusu: *mumbles something*
Rico: Huh?
Kaerai: He said he's experiencing penis envy.
Nanako: You're not Dr. Ogenki you know. It can't be THAT big.

>It had grabbed one of her legs with it's right arm, and held her suspended
>in mid air with it, while the other arm grabbed the other leg, and held it
>near the ground.

Kaerai: Bring back memories Arekusu?
Rico: WHAT?! My baby boy has been having sex?!
Arekusu: .......Yes.
Rico: Oh my goodness...I feel...*faints*

>She was facing them, perfectly spread eagled sideways,

Meltina: She looks like an H. *everyone tilts their head*
Arekusu: You're right Mel.

>enabling the two adventurers to see as the tip of it's cock reached past
>her pubic area to distend her abdomen muscles with each and every thrust.


>"AH... It hurts! Oh... Gah... Please... EEP... Stop it! YEARGH!" She >cried out in desperation as the beast managed to sank another inch of it's
>fifteen inch long cock into her. It growled a laugh as it viciously
>increased it's pace, enjoying the tortured screams of the helpless woman.

Rico: *coming to* ...Oh man. My head hurts. I had a nightmare that Arekusu was having sex already.
Arekusu: Uh...mom? *Kaerai slaps her hand over his mouth*
Kaerai: Just a nightmare Rico.
Rico: Oh good...*notices the screen* Urk! *leaps behind her seat to vomit*

>"AH... AH... AH..." She screeched out in response. Her own vaginal fluids
>were seeping down her right leg, being brought to orgasm by some chemical
>in the beast's pre cum. It was making her enjoy the fucking that would
>probably end her life. "OH... OH... AH... UNGH... GAH... OH..." She
>started crying out at a fever pitch.

Dark Falz: Did I mention a side effect of being possessed by me? You release hormones into the air and attract anyone of the opponent sex.
Arekusu: I hope you're joking...*notices Nanako, Kaerai and Meltina creeping toward him* I REALLY hope you're joking...! *the purple gas from Ruins 3 becomes vaguely visible* Okay...wait a minute. I thought you were a lesbian Nanako.
Nanako: I'll make an exception...*purr*
Rico: Hildebears...FOmarl...ugh! *retch*

>"We've got to help her somehow Kyle," Laria pleaded with him. Kyle nodded
>to her, "You're right. Take aim at the one raping that woman, I'll focus

Arekusu (Kyle): *holding all three women back* My energy and turn into a Super Saiya-jin!
Dark Falz: Not a bad idea actually.

>on getting the other two. We have to stop it though, before that thing
>finishes her." Laria raised her rifle as Kyle shot off toward the group of
>large beasts. He tore into the first one with his chainsawd before it
>managed to turn around to attack him, effectively severing it's spine in
>the first swipe, then finishing it with his second. Laria fired three
>rounds into the head of the one raping the woman, blasting it's brains out
>the opposite side of it's head. In it's death spasms, it held the woman's
>legs fast, and carried her with it as it fell down backward.

*Arekusu is too busy trying to keep his pants from being torn up and Rico is still vomiting*

>"YEAARRGHHH!!!" She screamed in pain as it's hips kept working, thrusting
>up even as she fell on top of the massive cock, causing gravity to work
>against her as well.

Arekusu: *now hiding behind Rico* And the evil mutant cock exploded and took her with it! Oh the humanity!
Rico: Back! Back foul sucubi! Stay away from my baby! *fends off the three women with a pointy stick*

>It's cock thrust up three more inches, and she was left trapped as the
>creature's body reacted on it's own, as a preying mantis's body would after
>it's mate had bitten off it's own head.

Alex's voice: Argh...RE lemon flashbacks...female licker...*retch*
Arekusu: Snap out of it you guys!! *raises the Crazy Tune and WA-TAK!!*
Kaerai: Ow! The hell was that for?! *Arekusu sighs*

>Mercifully, the pain finally caused her to pass out, so she was no longer
>in agony. Kyle forgot the other hildebear, and used two quick attacks to
>sever the dead creature's hands, then tackled to woman to get her off the
>creature's spasming body.

Nanako: Then he fucked her as well because this is a lemon.

>The third hildebear moved in to kill this new interloper, and get revenge
>for his two brethren,

Meltina: There's a reason you wouldn't want Arek as your brother. If you died trying to save your girlfriend, he'd save her and fuck her.
Arekusu: Hey!

>when three more rifle blasts struck it right between the eyes. The
>creature fell back, completely dead before it hit the ground.

Rico: That's obvious isn't it? It was dead the moment it got shot.

>Kyle pulled himself off the nude woman, who was gasping for air.

Kaerai: While Kyle was enjoying a cigarette.

>Laria walked over to the couple, "Is she all right? Did we stop it before
>it... you know..."

Arekusu (Laria): Blew its load?
Kaerai (Laria): Unleashed hot fury?
Nanako (Laria): Got off?
Meltina (Laria): Busted a nut?
Rico (Laria): *cough* Ejaculated?
Arekusu: ...Well, you are a scientist after all...

>Kyle looked up at her with a smile. "Yes, we stopped it in time, thanks to
>you. Good job Laria. Now, to see to our wounded colleague here..." He
>turned to her as he stood up. "Spirits of Hope, Restore the health of
>those within my field. RESTA,"

Arekusu: I think I had a better chant but either way, it all sounds corny.
Rico: What'd you say in YOUR chant?
Arekusu: *standing up* Wind of victory, bring my dreams back to me...but I never said Resta. *sitting back down*

>he cried out as he casted the healing technique. A glowing spiral
>enveloped the woman's body, as her vitality returned to her, and her
>injuries healed.

Kaerai: Instant stamina! Sounds like Resta could be used for sex.
Arekusu: That's a wrap. Take five people.

[Pioneer 2 Theater, Living Room]

Rico is standing there, lecturing Arekusu for pretty much everything he's ever done. Kaerai and Meltina are screaming at Rico for taking it too far while Nanako is just standing there, shaking her head.

Nanako: This is sad...

Perhaps that was the most important part.

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