Continuing where they left off, the gang is in the middle of listening to yet another torture session.

[Dark Room]

Hidden is chained to a wall while Rico paces in front of him, looking bored as hell.

Rico: Okay Hidden. It's a simple question. How do you know Arekusu? If I don't like your answer...well, I've recorded something you really won't like.
Hidden: We're just friends. I mean it.
Rico: Unacceptable!

Rico hits a button on a recorder sitting nearby...

Recorder: *plays something from Valkyrie Profile*
Hidden: Oh dear god! Anything but killing Hrist over and over!!
Rico: Then tell the truth.
Hidden: We're just friends! We met when we bothed helped the same person!
Rico: I still don't believe you although a lot of guys on this ship are dumber than shit.
Arekusu: *banging on the door* He's telling the truth! Let him out!
Tyrell's voice: That's enough. It's time for their next piece of crap. Prepare for the next installment of Kyle's little story...*everyone piles back into the theater*

[Seating Chart, Left to Right - Wren, Hidden, Rhys, Arekusu and Meltina ]

Arekusu: Where'd Ayena, Eury and Rico go?
Tyrell's voice: I let them go. They were clearly not enjoying this and since they has nothing to do with you...
Arekusu: ....Whatever. Stopped caring two seconds ago.

>As the first breath of fresh air hit his lungs, Kyle realized at last how
>he'd missed being outdoors.

Arekusu: I miss being outdoors too.
Hidden: Yeah...with trees...
Wren: Even though I don't really breathe, I wish to be outside as well.
Meltina: Amen brother!

>The planet's flowers were in full bloom.

Wren: I wonder what kind of flowers...
Arekusu: WREN!
Wren: What? It was just an innocent question!
Arekusu: I know but I was going to ask the same thing.

>The leaves on the trees shook in the gentle breeze that stroked his face as
>gently as a caring lover's caress. The sun overhead filled him with
>renewed vigor, and lightened his spirits, despite the terrifying situation

Hidden: That wasn't here anyway. He was sent to a frat party.

>he was being sent to investigate. The water rushing in the small brook to
>his left eased away the tension he'd built up on the long voyage to Rygol.

Meltina: Isn't that a pasta sauce?
Wren: That would be Ragu.

>He felt more at peace during this time of unrest, than he had in a long
>time, and it felt wonderful.

Hidden: Like...Mieu suction wonderful?

>"Ahhh..." he sighed, "I'd forgotten the wonders of nature, and how the
>simplest things can put you at ease."

Arekusu: Sex is simple!
Meltina: Only you Arekusu...only you but that's what I like about you.

>He slowly looked around, and noticed a winding path upward, and started >down it.

Wren: The hell? He was right side up but suddenly got flipped upside-down?

>"If only this situation weren't so dire. I'd love to spend some time
>exploring for the sheer excitement of a new environment." He reached a
>clearing, where it looked like a gate had been built. Cautiously, he
>approached, and felt it's surface.

Meltina (Kyle): Mmm...feels like velvet...*Arekusu, Wren and Rhys and Hidden snicker*

>"Hmm, looks like a standard gate Pioneer One would have built. One to keep
>animals out of the main compound, but why's it locked. It's almost as if
>it's on haz..."

Hidden: It's on haze! Purple haze! DRUG ADDICT! DRUG ADDICT!!

>Kyle didn't get a chance to finish off his thought before his reactions

Wren: Stopped working and he died for no real reason. The end.
Arekusu: Dark much?

>took over. If he hadn't seen the movement out of the corner of his eye,
>the large beast's claw would have taken his head clean off.

Arekusu: When I think can you cut someone's head CLEAN off. There's gonna be blood you know..

>As it was, he was sent sprawling to the ground as he managed to roll with >the blow.

>"DAMN! That's why the hazard mode was set,"

Angelshade's voice: *monotone* Biohazard detected. Activating self-destruction mode. This sequence may not be aborted.

>he cursed as he spun about and brought his Chainsawd up in an arc that cut
>a deep trench in the ground, before slicing the other claw clean off the
>savage creature. "GRONK!"

Rhys: What the hell goes gronk?

>It screamed in pain at the loss of an arm. Not wanting to loose his
>initiative now that he had it, Kyle swung his blade down once more,

Wren: And he accidently chopped IT off. *Hidden and Arekusu both grab themselves and whimper*

>cleaving the other arm off, and then an overhead slash cleaved the beast
>down the center of it's torso, killing it before it could suffer anymore.

Hidden: I think I'd be suffering if someone started cutting me in half with a chainsaw-like weapon.

>With no other monsters in sight, Kyle stood over it, staring at it and
>thinking to himself, "what in the hell?! I didn't even hear it moving
>towards me. It's like it just appeared from nowhere."

Rhys: They can dig too. *grumble* Dipshit...

>"ARGH!!!" Kyle turned toward the direction someone had just shouted in
>pain, finding a large locked door. "NO, Dr. Slayne!" a metallic, yet very
>feminine voice shouted to the person who had just apparently been injured.

Meltina: Ya think?!
Arekusu: ARGH!!! *makes groaning noises*
Meltina: It would seem Arekusu was injured!
Hidden: Or he's white-knuckling in the bathroom.

>Kyle tried to get the switch to work, but to no avail. "Dammit," he
>cursed. "I can't get the lock to work!"

Wren (Kyle): God damn chastity belts! UNLOCK GOD DAMMIT!!
Arekusu (Girl): I'll never submit-t-t-t-t!!!

>Suddenly, a male voice spoke up behind him. "Here, let me give that a try.
>I've got a knack for machines." Kyle spun around to see a blonde male
>Ranger, dressed in a blue uniform standing there.

Rhys: Default RAmar. *the fourth wall breaks, revealing Evil Arekusu and Tokyo Girl*
Evil Arekusu: Okay! That is SO racist! Just because I'm evil, doesn't mean I don't deserve privacy!
Tokyo Girl: So VERY evil...*giggle*
Evil Arekusu: Have fun you worm! *laughs at Arekusu, fixes the fourth wall and goes back to making out with Tokyo*

>He had a Flame Visit at his side, which he slung as he went to work on the

Rhys (Bernie): See? I got the knack.


>Dr. Slayne gasped for breath. The old FOnewear's right lung had been
>punctured by a boomba's

Arekusu, Rhys, Wren and Hidden: BOOMBA!!! *throws their arms in the air*
Meltina: Let me see that line again.

>Dr. Slayne gasped for breath. The old FOnewear's right lung had been
>punctured by a boomba's

Meltina: What the hell is a FOnewear?

>claw, and his creation, X-39 "Laria" rushed over to his side. "Dr. Slayne,
>are you all right," The red haired RAcaseal

Rico's voice: Mein gott! I've been transformed into an android!
Arekusu: Hello. > Dorothy.
Alex's voice: Mmm...Dorothy.
Creed's voice: Angel is better!

>asked the doctor as she bent over him, causing her maid like frill skirt to
>show off her rear end to the monsters still milling about.

Dark Falz: *appears* Yes! Kill all the men and rape the women! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *disappears*
Arekusu: Okay. What the [censored] was that?!

>The almost instantly started staring at the round buttox, and move towards
>the female android. The Doctor looked up despite his pain, and warned the

Hidden: Boomas about the set of meat grinders situated within the RAcaseal's vagina just in case of raping. *Arekusu turns on a blender*
Arekusu: Bzzzzzzzzz....*drops meat into the blender*

>RAcaseal, "Laria,... look out.... The monsters... are... still about..."
>Suddenly, one descended upon her, it's large sexual organ erect from
>looking at the girl bent over like a she-boomba in heat.

Rhys: .......There's She-Boomas?
Hidden: Better watch what you do in the Forest now.
Arekusu: *rolling eyes* When was the last time I felt so dirty I just had to take a bath in a stream in the Forest?
Wren: Personally, I think Meltina is pretty damn insulted by that one.
Meltina: I mean...they look like a maid's skirt?
Wren: Not quite what I was talking about Meltina..

>With a quick slice, it opened the crotch of her uniform, as well as her
>panties, to expose the caseal's vagina.

Arekusu: New and improved Boomas! Now with crotch cutting claws!
Meltina (Laria): Firing crotch rockets! *makes missile sounds*

>"What the.." Laria cried as she tried to look back at her attacker, but it
>was too late. She screamed as the boomba shoved it's long hard member into
>her orifice.

Hidden: Reminds me of the first time Arek met Angelshade.
Rhys: And Cinch.
Wren: And Raven.
Meltina: And me.
Arekusu: Shut up!! I didn't do THAT to you now did I?!
Hidden, Wren, Rhys and Meltina: Not that exactly but pretty close.
Arekusu: You know what? You all can go to hell.


Arekusu (Nemesis): S.T.A.R.S....*lurches around the theater*
Rhys: What a ham.
Hidden: I don't like how he's crushing that can of Campbell's Chicken and Stars soup.

>"YEARH," was heard from the other side of the door as the Ranger worked on

Wren: Kyle.
Hidden: Yaoi?! Argh! *covers his eyes*

>the controls to the door. "I thought you said you had a knack for this," a
>worried Kyle asked him. The ranger didn't even give him the benefit of
>looking up as he responded to the hunter, "I am. I've just... about... "

Arekusu: HYAAAAA!!! *makes gunshot sounds while everyone snickers quietly*
Hidden: This Resident Jigalo moment was brought to you by Alex.


Rhys: If you connect the get a line.

>"Ah... Ah... Ah..." Laria repeated over and over again, as the creature >thrust in and out of her. Her large bust was pressed into the wounded >Doctor,

Arekusu: Killing him with the intense weight of her boobs alone. *Meltina kicks him back a row*
Meltina: They don't weigh that much and you should know that!!

>and she was now pinned to him by the creature's mass as it continually
>assaulted her. "Oh... um... no... ah... please... oh... ah... don't..."
>she pleaded as it growled and grunted with each motion it made. Tears >welled up in her android eyes,

Hidden: And she shorted herself out. Then exploded into a shower of nuclear matter, killing everything on Ragol. The end.
Rhys: Dark much?

>"Doctor,... Oh... I failed, Ah... you. Umm... I'm... Gah... helpless
>to... Ahhh... save... Oh... you..."

Rhys: I didn't see her make a move to save him anyway so her cry was kinda null.

>she cried. Wet slapping noises were heard throughout the large area,
>echoing off the barrier walls that surrounded the open forest area.

Wren: So that's how the wolves and Boomas heard me when I was...*silences when everyone looks at her*

>It served to arouse the other creatures, who moved in to try and take the
>first boomba's place.

Meltina: Booma train? *the men vomit*

>The first boomba convinced them to wait their turn however, as it slashed
>the throat of one of it's too anxious cohorts with it's claw, without even
>braking it's thrusting stride.

Meltina: A sex master Booma?
Hidden: Only two people can go at it and kill something. Meltina and Arekusu, her boyfriend.
Arekusu: Can I help it if I'm loved?
Wren: Can he really do that?
Hidden: Yeah he can. A Chaos Bringer tried to attack him and Mel and BAM, it died multiple times before it hit the ground.
Rhys and Wren: They do it in the RUINS?!

>"AH... OH... Doc... AH... tor... UM..." Laria tried to say as the beast
>started quickening it's pace. "It's... AH... Moving... OH... faster..."

Hidden (Booma): Friction burns! ARRRRGH!!

>The dying Force looked up at his creation, into her tear filled eyes, as
>her breasts were crushed up against his fading body. Dr. Slayne had

Arekusu: Enough and shot himself in the head with a Suppressed Gun, blowing his skull apart, blood, gore and brain matter splattering all over the fresh green grass. Laria was raped until her abdomen and head exploded in a shower of blood, oil and semen. The end.
Meltina: Did the lights just dim a little more?

>created the poor girl, and had given her not only a perfectly anatomically
>correct body, but a complex system of nerves, and a program that gave her

Wren: Sort of like the ones ALL androids have now?
Meltina: *worried* I'm anatomically correct...right?
Arekusu: I can check if you want. *WHAM!*
Hidden: Dr. Slayne also gave her a built-in backstage pass to every As-It-Stands concert ever.
All: Lucky son of a bitch...

>As such, she was feeling the terror a real woman would at being raped like
>this, yet her mind was still so innocent.

Hidden: Give her five minutes with Arekusu and I can assure you that nothing about her would be innocent.
Arekusu: Kiss my tanned ass.

>He silently prayed for her release from her rape, but he couldn't hear
>himself think between the noise the beast was making, and the noise she was
>making right back.

Wren (Slayne): Shut up for five god damn seconds so I can pray!
Hidden (Booma): *unison with Meltina* Sorry.
Meltina (Laria): Sorry.

>Add that to the weight that was piled on top of him, and he was barely
>staying alive. Little did he realize, his prayers were just about to be

Rhys: For someone had just shot the Heaven's Punisher. Burning everyone in Holy light. The end. *the lights burn out*


Hidden: I would have to say these ratings are...INCORRECT!

>Laria was breathing harder with every stroke the creature was ramming into

Arekusu (Booma): CHARGE!! *pulls a log out of nowhere and rams into the screen with it*

>and it was starting to go faster and faster as it got more and more
>impatient. The other boombas stood around them in as crowd, cheering the
>first one on,

All: ................
Hidden: Uh...if I must be lonely, I think I'd rather be alone?

>and waiting to see who would get to have the second turn, when a high
>pitched mechanical hum filled the air.

Meltina: And the sound of Leon's gatling gun opening fire rung all through the forest, round after round tearing Booma and innocent bystanders alike. The end. *the back-up lighting dies*

>A few turned to face the direction of the new sound, only to have the last
>thing they'd ever see be a bright, whirring blade, chopping the top of
>their bodies clean off in a single wide arced slice.

Wren: When the hell do we get to pick how we swing? It's pre-set programming! It's not like we're all cool like Siegfried!!

>Kyle was enraged, and gave the beasts before him no warning of his attack,

Hidden: As if we ever did anyway!

>other than the hum of his Chainsawd as he used it to cut a swathe through
>the creatures before him.

Meltina: Rather than after him. *everyone groans* It wasn't that bad!

>He focused on the center, where he heard a girl crying out in pain, in
>perfect synch with a loud slapping noise and bestial grunt.

Arekusu (Kyle): Who the hell is playing Naked Twister without ME?!

>The Ranger wasn't far behind him, setting ablaze the ones that tried to
>flank the Hunter.

Hidden (Jowy): We can't lose! *the five hunters are turned into little 2-D sprite versions of themselves and charge at a bunch of 2-D Boomas screaming like banshees*
Arekusu: What the hell was that?

>"Damn," he cursed himself, "I should have brought something without a group
>effect, so I could start taking out the ones attacking the girl."

Wren: Call me crazy but wouldn't you want to use a gun with a group effect in places like these?
Everyone else: You're crazy.

>He looked at the black clad Hunter, "Still, I didn't plan on running into
>anyone on this mission, and that guy's simply amazing. I haven't seen
>any Hunter cut down creatures this vicious and powerful so quickly in my

Meltina: He obviously hasn't seen Arekusu when he gets angry and whips the Claw of Dark Falz.

>He's almost there to the center, without even a scratch on him."

Arekusu: Oh sure! It's easy not to get hurt in a fanfic! I'd like to see him get through Ultimate Mode without a scratch on him!! Take this Avatar Boy! *casts Grants on the screen*
Hidden: Easy there Arekusu...
Rhys: You've never been to Ultimate Mode Arekusu...
Wren: This is true.
Arekusu: I'm just trying to make a point!

>One last boomba cried out it's death shriek, and Kyle finally had a clear
>view of the girl. He was shocked for a second by what he saw. This
>creature hadn't been trying to kill her, they were raping her instead.

Rhys: Same difference when you look at it.
Wren: At least it's a sane HUmar and not Arekusu.
Meltina: Yeah. He's kill the Booma and take it's place.
Arekusu: Kiss my tanned-to-a-semi-black ass.

>"OH... AH... UM... AH..."

Hidden: It sounds like she forgot her lines. A real RAcaseal doing the dirty dance sounds like this.
Pearl's voice: OH GOD!! YES! YES! YESSSSS!! I'M ALMOST THERE!! *screams and cries of pleasure continue followed by the FF7 victory fanfare* I BEAT THE RUBY WEAPON!! YAY!!

>was all the girl was managing to say, while the beast behind her was simply
>grunting out, "Grunk... Grunk... GRUNK..."

Arekusu: I call dibs on no making fun of me jokes.

>The beast started slamming it's hips forward faster, and started grunting
>at a faster speed, as it came closer and closer to climax.

Hidden and Arekusu: PELVIC...THRUST! *thrust out their hips*

>Kyle snapped out of his brief hesitation, and grabbed the beast's shoulder,
>pulling it backward as hard and quickly as he could.

Rhys: And it had no effect so he lopped the Booma's genitals off! *Arekusu jumps into Hidden's arms a la Scooby-Doo*
Hidden: ZOINKS!!

>The beast let out one final howl, just as it's cock left the red haired
>woman's pussy, and sprayed it's seed all over her rear. Kyle didn't give a
>boomba a chance to recover, and stabbed downward with his chainsawd,

Wren: What the hell? Is gravity reversed now? He just yanked a Booma's back into his Chainsawd then magically pins it down with it. Is that possible?
Arekusu: This is a lemon. Thinking about it only makes your head hurt or explode.

>impaling the creature on it, just before he turned it on full blast.

Meltina (Jake): How about we kick it up a notch? *Arekusu turns the blender on Frappé*

>Almost immediately, the center of the beast was only a spray of gore, as an
>enraged Kyle simply let the saw destroy the whole center cavity before
>feeling satisfied enough that the thing was dead.

Arekusu: Everybody, I am satisfied!
Rhys: I just realized something. Resident Evil needs a chainsaw weapon.
Hidden: CORRECT!

>Semen still came out of the creature's dick, as it's body still reeled from
>the orgasmic aftershock of having climaxed,

Hidden: Remind me to screw my girlfriend if I'm ever targeted for assassination because the orgasm will be so great, I'll feel it when I'm dead.

>but it dripped harmlessly onto what was left of the creature's stomach.

Alex's voice: {S Drop
Meltina: Spending too much time on AOL again Alex?
Alex's voice: Yeah.

>Wiping the gore from his face, Kyle looked up to see that the Ranger had
>managed to finish off the other half of the monsters, and moved to see what
>he could do for the girl and the old man. To his suprise, he found the
>girl to be a caseal class android.

Hidden: There are other types? I thought all female androids were called Caseals...

>He'd heard of androids with emotion chips and programs, but never actually
>had seen one before.

Meltina: Proving that he'd just scurried out from under the rock he lived in.

>She was sobbing quietly, and stayed right next to the old man, who's chest
>was now covered in blood. She was in no immediate danger of dying,

Rhys: But suddenly, the Booma's cock separated itself from it's host and lunged at the RAcaseal, worming it's way down her throat to burst out of her chest in a shower of metal, blood and flesh!
Meltina: It'd get past the meat grinders on our chests?

>so he let her be for the moment, but was startled as the girl suddenly
>grabbed his arm before he could move toward the injured Force. "Please...

Wren (Laria): Shoot me. I'm in a bad lemon. PLEASE! KILL ME! *Hidden makes a gunshot sound*

>You must save my father. I failed to protect him from harm when those
>creatures surrounded us, and now he's dying,"

Arekusu (Kyle): You're an observant one aren't you?

>she sobbed out. Kyle found himself suprised at the girl's outburst, and
>the fact that she called him father, but let his compassion do the talking.

Hidden (Kyle): I won't save him but I will watch you go skipping into a telepipe and later kiss me and we'll have hot monkey sex. Does that sound fair?

>Gently taking the girl's hand in his, he told her, "I'm going to do
>whatever I can for him, don't worry. Please, stand back a bit, so I have
>room to work."

Arekusu: And so, laughing like a madman, Kyle Twilight jumped into his 2P Walker and launched a Meteor Shower, accidently getting himself caught in the attack and died.
Rhys: Too much Alien Front Online again?

>Thinking that maybe it'd be best to get her mind off the old man's injury,

Wren: So he got on her so she could worry about that.

>he added, "There might be more of those things out here, so I need someone
>to help that Ranger over there to stand guard and protect us. Can you do

Hidden (Chris Redfield): Rebecca, can you do it?
Meltina (Rebecca Chambers): Yes I can!!! May I practice for a while?

>that for him?" Stifling her tears, she picked up her discarded rifle and
>stood up with determination, "I'll keep him safe, even if it costs me my

Arekusu (Laria): All the money I've saved for my shopping spree and The Gap! Tee-hee! *Meltina smacks him for a bad stereotype*

>life." She then took up a defensive stance, and waited for any sign of

Rhys: JUST trouble. Not danger or a threats. Just trouble.

>"Interesting caseal," he thought as he knelt down over the man to get a
>closer look at the wound. Between the paling man's slow, gasping
>breathing, that made a slight gurgling sound with each intake of air, and
>the placement of the wound, he figured it had to be

Wren: Alex's little cousin Colin.
Alex's voice: He does do that disgusting gurgling thing when he laughs too.

>a punctured lung. "I'm going to try a Reverser technique to help with the
>wound you received. Please just hang on a few seconds longer, okay?"

Hidden (Slayne): *wheeze* I'm...dying....arrrrgh...*acts dead*
Arekusu (Kyle): D'OH!

>Then, he took up his technique casting stance, and chanted, "Winds of time,
>flow back and restore the status of this person who is near death's door.

All: Hello. > Final Fantasy Tactics.
Arekusu: Wait a minute. Let me see that again.

>Then, he took up his technique casting stance, and chanted, "Winds of time,
>flow back and restore the status of this person who is near death's door.

Arekusu: We don't take a different stance until we cast the damn technique. Unless we feel like pretending we're in another game. *does Edgar's magic pose, hair blowing in the wind*

>A glowing beam of light drove skyward from the man's body, and his wound
>closed itself.

Rhys: But then he got skin cancer from to many UV Rays.

>His breath started coming easier, and the color returned to his face.

Meltina: That's rich. *grabs a colored pencil and scribbles all over the FOnewn's face*

>"Dr. Slayne, isn't it? I heard your Caseal call out your name after you
>were injured. I'm sorry we didn't get here sooner, but the door on the
>other side was jammed somehow."

Hidden (Kyle): We suspect some gum and glue were involved.

>The old man sat up, "No lad, it's you I have to thank. Those beasts would
>have been the death of both Laria and me.

Wren (Slayne): Or just me.

>You're quite a powerful Hunter, to have hacked through all those creatures
>by yourself.

Arekusu: Grrrrrrr....
Hidden: Uh oh...
Wren: Irregularities ahead.

>And you sir Ranger," he looked in the blue clad Ranger's direction, "are
>quite skilled as well, to have such fine control over that weapon of yours.

Arekusu: GRRRR....
Hidden: Oh shit...everyone move back a few rows. *everyone but Arekusu does so*
Arekusu: Hmph!! *coasts forward and grabs the screen, everything goes white for a bit and Arekusu stands there in the Akuma pose* Sauce.

>May I ask the men who saved my Laria's and my own lives?" Laria brightened
>up and ran to the old man after seeing him sit up, hugging him tightly.

Meltina (Dorothy): Roger. I love you. *bone crunching sounds*
Rhys: Dr. Slayne was slain!
Wren: She really sounds like Dorothy when she does that...

>"Daddy, you're all right!" Turning to Kyle she smiled at him, "Thanks for
>saving him!" The old man told her, "Now Laria, what did the Hunter ask you
>to do?" She looked disappointed, "Yes sir," as she walked back over to her
>previous position to resume her watch.

Meltina (Laria): I see London, I see France...! *suddenly looks at Arekusu* Ooh la la!
Arekusu: Eek! *dives back a row*
Hidden: The hell?
Arekusu: It's a long story.

>The ranger chuckled over the caseal's show of emotion, as he walked over to
>the Force and Hunter, "My names Bernie, sir. and think nothing of it."

Hidden (Bernie): I hate praise.

>He pointed to Kyle, and said, "This guy is the one to thank. I wouldn't
>have been able to have gotten to you both in time, as I didn't have a
>weapon that wouldn't have injured you both as well.

Rhys: Who said that was a bad thing?

>He's the one who dashed in here without any thought to himself, and hacked
>his way to you." Kyle looked over at him and shook his head, "You're being
>too modest. If you hadn't gotten the lock open, I wouldn't have made it in
>time either. I was just about one step from trying to saw my way through
>it with my Chainsawd until you showed up to get the door working again."

Arekusu and Rhys: Brute force! UGH! *grunt and flex* Go Hunters!

>He turned to face the aging Force, and told him,

Meltina (Kyle): I wear shoes on Saturday.

>"My name's Kyle Twilight. What were you both doing out here by yourselves?
>You're getting a bit old for this sort of thing," he pointed to the Red
>hued caseal standing watch, "and she's obviously a rookie. You should have
>had someone more experienced out with you. I know you Forces think you can
>take on the world with only your techniques, but you should have someone
>with you for when those techniques to protect you."

Arekusu: DO NOT!
Hidden: DO TOO!
Rhys: Oh yeah?!
Wren: Yeah! *the four start to fight through the remainder of the lemon*

>The old man hung his head downward, as Kyle chastised him, "I didn't want
>to put Laria at risk by having her near anyone else yet. She's still new,

Arekusu: *leg dropping Hidden* To the harshness of reality. She ought to get use to it like a few other people in the world.

>and hasn't had experience with others yet. I wanted her to become more
>battle experienced in this form. I can't tell you here, but I owe you a
>more detailed explanation of her... program."

Wren (Slayne): I call it 'Horny RAcaseal in Disguise'. *climbs onto a chair and elbow drops Arekusu*

>Bernie, the Ranger, then broke in. "Hey Kyle, you think you can handle
>taking them back to the station. I've got a mission I'm on right now, and
>I've delayed probably longer than I should."

Hidden: I'm thankful we don't have time limits for OUR missions.

>He handed copies of his guild card to the both of them. "Here's my card.
>Contact me if you ever need a hand. I'd be more than happy to help you
>give Laria some more battle experience."

Meltina (Bernie) If you know what I mean. Nudge nudge wink wink. *Rhys bashes Wren in the back with a folding chair*

>Kyle took the card from him, and offered his own. "Here take mine, as well
>as this." He then offered his hold out Varista to the Ranger.

Rhys: Ah, the power of a Varista. *ducks as Hidden goes flying overhead*

>"It's not much, but it's more accurate in case you need to help anyone
>else. There are quite a few more people out in the surrounding areas, you
>might run into someone else in need of assistance.

Arekusu: Or a gun for that matter. *Wren power bombs him*
Wren: You can't escape!

>You can give it back to me later." The Ranger took both items, and
>grinned. "Thanks, I'll be sure to remember you Kyle. You're not bad for a
>Hunter." Kyle smirked, knowing just how high praise that was considering
>that Hunters and Rangers have always had a difference of opinion on whose
>class was actually better overall.

Hidden: Hunters suck! *a boxing bell rings and Hidden and Arekusu duke it out instead*

>"You're not bad yourself Bernie. I hope to get the chance to work with you
>again some day." With that, the Ranger turned from them and waved, "Count
>on it. See you around," and then took off into another section of the

Meltina: Take five everyone. *Rhys, Meltina and Wren get up and leave while Arekusu and Hidden keep fighting*

Perhaps that was the most important part.

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