"Sugu raki ni shiteyaru...."

- Iori Yagami, King of Fighters/Capcom vs. SNK

[Legal Crap]

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K', Krizalid and the mighty Iori Yagami are all property of SNK and Neo-Geo
Gill, Kairi and Hokuto are property of Arika and Capcom
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[Alex's Opening Note]

Mwahaha.  Finally a Dreamcast of my own, with Street Fighter III: Double Impact to boot!  All shall hail Gill for he is your god in underwear!  Mwahahahaha...er...yeah.

[MSTing for Soul]

In the way distant future, around 4900,
There was some man called Krizalid
He was the big boss man, yes the head master.
He got sick of his enemies and one day he got pissed.
So he whooped'em all then shot'em into space!

(Konomama dewa owaranzo!)

(Krizalid singing)
I'll send them crappy fanfics,
The worst I can possibly find! (la la la!)
I'll make them sit and watch them all,
To torture their over-paid minds! (la la la!)

(Normal Singers)
Now keep in mind they can't control,
When the fanfics begin or end, (la la la!)
They'll try to keep their sanity,
With the help of a few friends

(The Hit List!)

K! (Ikuze!)
Ioooori! (SHI-NE!)
Kairi! (Arrrgggghhh!)
Hokuto! (Shinku-Geki!)

If you're wondering how they eat and breath,
And other science facts, (la la la!)
Just repeat to yourself "It's not real!
I should really just relax."


[Satellite of Prominence's Dorm]

Kairi is playing King of Fighters Evolution and pays no attention while Hokuto is sitting nearby, nose buried in her manga.  K' appears by a Blackout move and grabs a deck of cards from a large pile.  Iori is laying on a bed and holding a Leona plushie but he notices the camera and hides it before turning to look toward the camera.

Iori: ....Welcome to the Satellite of Prominence.  Everyone but Kairi, K, Hokuto and myself have been put out of commission but sickness so we'll be your hosts tod-*the yellow light flashes* We'll be right back first.


Announcer: Ever wish you could be like Gill?  A god in underwear?  Well too bad.
Magic Voice: Stick to the script..
Announcer: Er...well now you can with Gill's Super Godly Underwear Workout video collection!  Order now and you'll his first video 'Cyber Lariat' plus his second video 'Moonsault Knee Press' as a bonus!
Legal Crap Telling Guy: Using these videos does not enable you to become a god, offer valid for two thousand years.


[Satellite of Prominence]

K' uses another Blackout and appears to sit on the bridge and continues building a card house.  He's one card away from completion when the red light flashes and scares him which in turn, causes him to knock the cards over.  Iori, Kairi and Hokuto walk onto the bridge while K screams.  Kairi hits the red button as K' starts sobbing.

[Krizalid's Office]

Kriz: Since I'm feeling sick today.  I'll just send your load of shit right now. Prepare for 'A Poker Game!'


Lights and klaxons start to go off.

Iori: We've got fanfic sign!!

He grabs the sobbing K' and drags him toward the theater.

[Door Sequence of Kusanagi]

Door 6: It's Torg!  You shake hands and get an autograph before moving on.
Door 5: It's a whirlpool.  You dive in.
Door 4: It's a drainage pipe.  You get sucked in.
Door 3: It's Regina!  She clears the raptor infested path for you.
Door 2: It's Jill Valentine!  You watch her run off as Nemesis bursts through the wall.  You walk through Nemesis' self-made door.
Door 1: Sliding patio door.  You.....slide it open! What will they think of next?

[Seating Chart (from left to right): K', Kairi, Hokuto and Iori]

>A Poker Game

Hokuto: Is not Kairi's best game!
Kairi: Rub it in...


Kairi: Trowa must be doing some target practice again.

>Thunder quitely sent shivers down Misty's back.  After the
>past few days of sleeping under the stars, and moving

K': *rolls eyes* Oh heaven forbid, can't move our legs TOO much can we?

>through the forest, sitting in a Pokemon Center in Cerrulean
>City, playing poker seemed out of the norm.  At the very
>least.  To her left sat Pikachu, then Ash, then Brock, and

Hokuto: That nice guy with the hockey mask and chainsaw they met in the forest.

>finaly on her right sat Prof. Oak.  They meet him a day
>earlier in town.  Apparently he decided to take a vacation
>from his research.

K' (Prof. Oak): Screw those little fuckin' kids and their Pokémon troubles.

>"I call," Ash said finaly after starring at his cards.  He

Iori: What were his cards starring in?
K': Gilligan's Island.
Kairi: Psh.  Ash and Gilligan would get along great.

>looked a little bleary eyed, Misty decided, even though it
>was only midnight.

Hokuto: ONLY midnight.  They must slept during the day.

>"4 tens," Oak said happily , laying his cards down.  " 5
>queens."  Brock retorted.

K': One bite.  I win!

>"What?! Since when are there 5 queens in a deck?" Oak

Iori: Since the king stared dating freely.

> "Since Pikachu made 2's wild." Brock smirked back.  Misty
>sighed.  She was glad she folded before they even got to the

Kairi: REALLY hard question on the math test..
Iori: Not quite..

>double draw.  Poker was definately not her game.  Loosing
>$20 this pot proved that.

Hokuto: Misty was not a very wealthy person.

> "Ahem.  Gentlemen if you please, take your cards and weep
>over them."  Ash lays his hand on the leather cound table.

Kairi: Uh...never use Joe Chin's Chains for them?

>"A natural straight flush, 6 high."

K': Looks like the Poképeople decided to play for drugs instead.
Iori: THERE'S a surprise.

> "Damn!" Brock and Oak exclaim at the same time.  Misty
>chuckles to herself.  If Ash wasnt such a horses ass

Hokuto: Uh..he'd be a normal annoying character from an overhyped genre?
K': Just like those Digi-kids...*BZZZZTT!*
Chibi's voice: Don't diss the Digi clone boy!
Magic voice: ^^; Calm down Chibi-chan...
Iori: It IS an overhyped and pathetic genre though...
Chibi's voice: Why you...!
Magic voice: Hurt Yagami-sama and I kill Quatre..
Chibi's voice: Damn..

> at times, he might be cute. If for nothing else then to
>people at poker.  Time to deflate his ego a little, she

Kairi: Took out a pin and jabbed his chest with it.

>thought.  She nugged Pikachu.
> "Pi-Ka?" he said laying his hand down.  As Ash was
>gathering the poker chips in the pot to his own pile, he

K': Took a drag from the pot...
All: Heh heh heh..

>looked up at Pikachu.

Iori (Ash): AGAIN?  I'm too limp now..
Hokuto: Iori...ew....just...ew..

> "I belive thats a 7 high straight flush, Ash," Misty
>smilled, speaking for Pikachu.

Hokuto (Misty): Pika pi pi pika chu pika!!

> Ash's face darkened as Pikachu gathered his chips, and
>everyone else laughed.  "Lets just play the game, shall
>we?"  he mumbled curtly.

Kairi: Tsk tsk...he ruined his Poker Face by being rude like that.
Hokuto: You wouldn't know about Poker Face Mr. Screaming God Boy..
Kairi: *mutter* Always gotta rub it in...
Hokuto: I can rub it in a little differently later if you want Kairi-sama...
K': Ahem..back to the 'fic.

> He shuffled the cards, concentraiting on what he was going
>to force them to play.  So far tonight, it had been Whores
>and Fours, Screw Your Neighbor, and the strangest of all,

Iori: 'Wham, bam, thank you ma'am'...
K': How the hell do they know all those different games?
Hokuto: Whores and Fours and Screw Your Neighbor in particular.

>Hardcore Blackout.  The rules seemed confusing, but every
>game he made them try, he lost.  So Misty did get a kick out

Iori: Of how moronic she and the rest of the members of her genre are.
Hokuto: That's enough Iori.  We all agree with you but we get the point too.
Iori: Which of you is gonna stop me?
All but Iori: ......
Iori: That's what I thought.

>of them.  He Slammed the deck down for Brock to cut it.
>After a moment he spoke.  
>"Heres the game.  We're going to

K': Shoot ourselves and save the rest of the anime community from destruction.
All: YAY!

>play  Pocket Baseball.  Same as Night Baseball, but you can
>buy on a 2, and Discard one card on a Queen."  Here we go

Hokuto (Parappa): Kick, punch, block!
Kairi: Ee!  No Parappa!

>again, Misty mumbled to herself.

> It was about 2am, and everyone except Misty and Pikachu
>went to bed.  She had a sixpac of Jolt in her back-pack she

Iori: That she intended on cramming into that big hollow thing attached to her neck.

>picked up that day, and wasnt worried about staying up. Ash
>tried for an hour to make Pikachu give up his earnings, butt

All: *shudder* Poke-a-mon flashbacks...

>got shocked instead.  Brock made Pika a nice pouch to carry
>his newly earned cash in for 5 dollars he lost in his last

K': Chance so he had to die.  Mwahahaha..

>hand. She shook her head as she thought of how much she lost
>to them that night.  Around $100, her pride, her respect

Iori: Dignity, virginity, morality, fatality and most of all, her mortality.
Kairi: Yes...kill'em all..
K': Fatality?
Iori: It sounded cool.

>(how could she let them see down her top.  Plus it only
>broke their concentraiton for just long enough for her to
>get a 5 dollar pot.),

Hokuto: Citan's rates must be going down..

> her favorite watch, her-
>"Cherry?" Misty snapped her head up in suprise.

Kairi: *bone cracking sounds* She died.
Hokuto: *whispers something to Kairi, both of'em blushing*
Iori and K': ....?
Kairi: ^_^; Eh heh...nothing to worry about..

>There stood nurse Joy in a bathrobe with two plates in her
>hands. She looked at the confused look on Misty's face and

K': Messed it up by slamming the plates against her face.

>repeated,"Cherry pie?  You look like you need a pick me up."

Hokuto: I could use a pick me up right about now...
Iori: You're in luck.  K' brought some beer into the theater.

*temporary pause*

Kairi: Oooo..nice pick me up.
Hokuto: I could use another kind now sweet thang..*pinches Kairi's cheek*
K': Ho ho...Kairi is gonna get some..

> Misty flushed, and nodded.  "What I realy need is leasons in

Iori (Nurse Joy): Oh hush.  It's easy.  Just point your finger and JAB! *pretends to jab at Hokuto's eye*
Hokuto (Misty): x_x Ash did that already except he didn't use his finger..

> Joy let out a clear, bell tonned laugh.  "If Officer Jenny
>shows up soon, I'll show you a few tricks."  She picked up

K': Her standard issue Desert Eagle and shot Misty in the head, splattering blood, bones and a sticky gray matter everywhere.  Not content with that, Nurse Joy jammed the barrel of her magnum in Pikachu's face and fired, coating the gun and herself in even more blood.  With a laugh of insanity, Joy shot Ash, Brock, Prof. Oak and Officer Jenny before taking her own life as there was nothing else to shoot.
Iori: ^^;; And you guys say that I'M dark..

>the spare deck and proceded to shuffle it one handed.  She
>laughed again as Misty's eyes widdened in suprise.

Kairi (Misty): Nice rack..
K' (Joy): Silence love slave.

> Misty shook off the shock.  "Why would Jenny show up?"  she

Iori (Joy): Because this 'fic needs a little yuri action and I want to test out my new superb techniques...*wiggles a finger*

> Joy replied, "Her appartment is being fumigated.  We're
>friends from highschool, so I offered her to stay here at

Hokuto (Joy): The Shaggin' Center...*purr*

>the Pokemon Center."
> "Talking about me behind my back?"  Jenny said, standing by


>the front door.  She shook off her rain soaked coat.
> Joy smilled in reply, but Misty asked" I thought the doors
>were locked after 10."

Hokuto (Joy): Of course they do.  MY doors open at 10..
Kairi: *looks and his watch and whines* It's only 7:45...
Hokuto: Patience Kairi-sama..

> "Not if you have a key."  Jenny pulled up a chair.  "So you
>want to learn how to play poker?"  She gently took the deck
>out of Mistys hands.

Iori (Jenny/Butt-head): Huh huh..come to Jenny..huh huh..
K': She'll whip out her taser..

> "No, I want to learn how to beat Ash at poker."  Joy and
>Jenny looked at each other and shared a knowing smile.

Hokuto (Joy): I love you Jenny.
Kairi (Jenny): I love you Joy.

>"What?"  Misty asked.

K' (Jenny): We think you're butt fugly.

> After an hour of learning strategy, durring which Pikachu

Iori: Went loco and killed all the pendejos 'durring' his mental breakdown.
K': You speak Spanish?
Iori: Si.

>fell asleep, they started teaching Misty how to bluff.

Hokuto (Misty): But saying I'm going to do something then not do it sounds too complex.

>  A half hour of that, and she was ready.  "Lets have a
>practice game."

K': Just like a certain someone left the Dreamcast on all night to get point easily in Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Iori: *innocently* I wanted to get Blackheart and Gambit...

> "I dont have any money left," Misty protested. Jenny >shruged.

Kairi (Jenny/Drill Instructor): Preseeeeeeent tongue!

> "Then lets play for... I know, how about a game of strip
>poker?" Jenny sugested.

Hokuto: Who's up for a game once we're done in here?
All but Hokuto: We are!

> Now, Misty had never been self conscious about her body.
>But the prospect of having to strip for two near strangers,

K': Would've been cool if they'd been from a series that's not meant for five year olds who want seizures.

>all be them girls.  As if reading her mind, Joy said "Its
>incentive to win..."

Iori (Joy): Or to lose.  Whichever you'd prefer.

>Misty drew in a breath and nodded.  The game began.
>It wasnt long before Misty was down to her shirt and

Kairi: *hopeful* The rest of her clothes.

>panties.  Things just weren't going her way.
>As she was dealt her hand she let her mind go blank.

Iori: *rolls his eyes* There's a new one.  Nintendo's mind must've been blank in order to produce this crappy series.

>She looked into the cards, saw their core.  Then she realized
>what she was doing wrong.  

Hokuto (Guy from 2 Stupid Dogs): It was WRONG!!! *foghorn sounds*

>She ahd only seen the cards as cards, not part of the deck.
>She then awoke the gambler inside her.

K' (Gambit): Royal......FLUSH!

>Game after game she won, slowly stripping the two beautiful

Iori: Beauty is not found in a children's show nor should it be found in it.  Leave that for the important adult shows.

>women of thier clothing.  Jenny more so than the Pokemon
>nurse.  Probably, Joy had much more incentive to win seeing

Kairi: As how she wanted this horrible piece of shit called a lemon to end.

>as how she only had on a bathrobe, and maybe underwear.
>Every time she lost, Jenny would slowly, carefully, pull off

K': Her body parts.

>her item of clothing, over her smooth, firm skin.  All the
>while staring at Misty and breathing in, slowly, deeply.

Hokuto (Misty): Must....keep...Poker...Face..
Iori (Misty): Must...kill....self...
Kairi (Misty): Mmm...nipplicious...

>Misty started to get a strange tingling in her abdomen each
>time those green eyes stared through her.

Chibi's voice: SEPHY-SAMA!
Magic voice: Not quite..

>But she continued on.  As she played, she finaly got Joy out
>of the robe.  She was only wearing lace trimmed panties.

Kairi, Iori and K': Mmmm...lace...

>Her long hair had already slipped out of the bun it usualy >sat in, flowing down her back, and framing her chest.  She
>blushed slightly

Hokuto: Because she was about to suffer from heat stroke.

>as she let the others veiw her now uncovered medium sized,
>perky, breasts.

K', Kairi and Iori: *thumbs down motions* Guys only dig the women from a good series.
Kairi: Like Hokuto-chan.. *Hokuto blushes*

>Misty could only stare, and envy, Nurse Joy.  Misty's own
>breasts were no where near as large, and Joy had what looked

Iori (Austin Powers): A pair of machine gun jubblies!

>to be B-cups.  Not large at all, but still, she had
>something.  That hand Misty, literaly, lost her shirt.  She

K': Took off her shirt and revealed that she was..*ala Austin* A man baby!
Iori: And the rest of the cast were hermaphrodites.
All: *shudder* Oscar...

>cursed under her breath ather desicion not to wear a bra
>that day.  Her mortification began.  Joy and Jenny both wore

Iori: Their panties and bras in the opposite places!

>slight smiles on their scantaly clad selves, Jenny looking
>at her as one would look through fire.  Her eyes wide, yet

Kairi: Searing her flesh and burning up her body..

>penetrating.  Misty felt flush as Jenny's eyes probed her
>smooth white flesh.  She took a shutering breath, not deep
>enough to draw any more attention, and played on.  On the

K': Stroke of midnight, Jenny and Joy both turned into vampires and attacked and killed the entire Pokémon cast but were reduced to dust when the sun rose, ending the series entirely!
All: YAY!!

>next 3 games Jenny lost her own bra, which she took off ever
>so slowly, gasping at the cool air that tickled her chest

Kairi (Air): Are you ticklish?!  Huh?!  Are ya?!

>and hardened her nipples.  Then Joy was out of the game as
>she lost her panties, which she pulled off and kicked across
>the room with a flick of her ankles.  Her smooth pubic area

Hokuto: Lacked just as much plot as the rest of this shitty series.

>caught Misty's breath in her throat.  Aside form her own
>body, she had never seen another womens form in a face to

Iori: Pus-*WHAM!*
Hokuto: No.

>face situation before. Jenny gave her a grin and touched Joy
>slightly on the shoulder for reasurance.  The last of the 3
>games came down to the final call.

K': It was 7 AM and the trainers started to wander in only to be greeted with the disgusting sight that was this fanfic.

> Misty had bet the same thing Jenny did.  Her underwear.  Of
>course, it was also all they had left to bet.  So they

Kairi: Shot each other instead.  Two down, many to go.

>eached placed their hands on the table, Misty with 2 jacks
>and 2 wilds, and Jenny... with the same hand, down to the
>extra card.  They looked up from each others hands, and

Kairi: Shot each other again..

>stared into each others eyes; Misty in shock, Jenny with
>mirth.  Joy interupted the situation with a loud laugh, the

Kairi: Sight of them shooting themselves was very amusing to her.
Iori: As well as us.

>first sound anyone had made in what seemed like hours.
>Misty glanced up at the clock on Joys desk, only 4:32 am.

Hokuto: Time for death.

> She was snapped back into reality as Joy said to them both
>"You better not go back on your bets."  Misty glanced up at

K': The barrel of the magnum right before it's trigger was pulled.

>Jenny who had turned her back and bent over, slowly bringing
>the silk cloth over her firm ass, all the while giving the

Hokuto: Signs of nausea.

>other two laddies a full view.
>The flush feeling Misty had before intensified, making her

Iori: Really want to shoot herself.

>virgin slit moisten.  Not sure what compeled her, she stood,
>and did likewise.  As she turned back around, Joy had stood

K': Drawing a Remington MP1100 from behind her back, smiling as she fired and blew Misty and Jenny's torsos right off their bodies in a shower of blood.  With a scream of rage, she slammed her foot down on Jenny's skull, crushing it easily due to lack of brains inside.  She did the same to Misty, smearing the remains of her face on the tile floor.  Nodding to herself, the postal nurse turned toward the sleeping males and approached...

>quitely, and breathing deeply looked at Jenny, who nodded,
>then at Misty.  In an instant she knew what Joy asked.  She

All: Shot herself.  Yay!!

>nodded in assent as well, moving nervously towards the
>volupscious two.  She noticed how small dropps of fluid

Kairi: What's a 'dropp'?
K': Obviously something that 'dripps'.

>clung to Jennys pubic hair, which was neatly trimmed into a

Kairi: Hokuto..
Hokuto: No.  Shaved.
Kairi: Whew..

>Feeling her own slit moisten all the more, she was
>carefully touched by Joy, who slowly stroked Misty's breats,

Iori: Is a 'breats' related to bread somehow?

>turning her nipples into tiny hard nubs.  As Joy carefully
>lowered Misty onto the poker table, she did not relent her
>caresing of Misty's uplifted breats. Joy climed onto the

K': Moutan tu git tu th tup.
Hokuto: Hukd un fonix wrkd 4 mi.

>suprisingly strong table, to get a more comfortable angle to
>her breasts.  As Misty gasped at each flick of Joys tounge,
>Joy let out a little chuckle.

Hokuto (Joy): I'll just slip the bomb in and sneak away...

>After only a few seconds, Jenny had gotten on her knees
>between Misty's writhing legs, and gently kissed her

Iori: Before she shot her.
K': We got it Yagami..

>hairless quim.  Misty let out an audible moan at this new
>attention.  One of joys hands slipped down to her own slit

Kairi: Was bleeding insanely fast so she bled to death.

>as she watched, and listened, to Jenny at work.  Jenny
>slowly pushed two fingers inside Misty's tight, yet wet,

Hokuto: *hopeful* Mug of coffee?

>hole. Slowly pushing in, her fingers slowly moving inside
>her, then pushing apart inside her pussy.  Misty could only

K': Plot the destruction of her friends.

>sit there in ecstasy as the two women brought her to heaven.

Iori: Psh.  The whole cast is going to hell for being created.

> Joy let up on her flicking of Misty's nipples, and stradled
>her face, so that she could better see Jenny pumping in and

Kairi: The bomb went in..

>out of the girl.  Misty had her nose stuck in Joys puckered
>ass hole, and her mouth licking the sweet juices that dripped
>from her quim.

Iori: What's with this quim business?  Leona has called it everything BUT that..

> Slowly and carefully, Misty began to lick Joy, first on her
>outer lips, then deeper, into the hole itself.  She soon
>found Joy's erect clit and made her shiver as she started to

Hokuto: Put her index and thumb between Joy's head and started screaming 'I'm crushing your head!  I'm crushing your head!'.

>move her tongue in circles around it, teasing it, then

All: She killed herself.

>wraping her lips around it and starting the process over
>again.  Her own moistness grew and soon she had to stop

Iori: Stabbing them with her knife.

> with the slow teasing of Joy as Jenny found her own button, >and pushed it to the breaking point.  Misty arched her back >and

K': Broke it.

>moaned, vibraiting Joys slit, which sent her into a fit of
> As suddenly as her delicate probing began, Jenny stopped

Kairi: Forever...

>and nearly screamed in happieness.  Misty pushed Joy up just
>enough to see Pikachu

Hokuto: AH!  Poke-a-mon!

>, who had been asleep, vibraiting his tail inside of Jenny.
> Small electrical pulses washed through her, making her body
>convulse.  As she became used to the rythm,
>she focused back on Misty, who could feel

K': Her urge to kill...rising...rising...

>Jennys ocasional gasp as hot air on her steaming slit.  The
>sights, combined with Misty, brought Joy over the brink.


>She clenched her muscles, let out an unearthly yell, and

Kairi: Exploded, killing them all and destroying the world.

>drenched the face of Misty in sweet pungent girl-cum.

Hokuto: It has a gender?

>Suprised, Misty herself started to loose control, and as
>Pika zapped Jenny one last time, hard enough to make Misty
>feel it, both the officer and the trainer came with deep

K': Explosions, killing everyone again.

>moans, and splashes of wetness.
> All colapsed in combined happieness, feeling waves of

Iori: Realization sink in.
Hokuto (Jenny): AH!  We're in a crappy series!  We suck! Noooo!

>warmth and contentment flooding there exhuahsted boddies.
>Misty heard "Pi...? Chu," and watched as the mouse went back
>to his conner to sleep.

Kairi: Or wither up and die from what it'd just went through.

> A moment later the sound of shattering glass made them all
>sit bolt upright.  There stood Ash in the doorway to the

K': Exit.  In his hands was a rocket launcher and boy was he pissed..

>bunks, his hand still acting like he was holding the broken
>glass that was at his feet, water soaking into the carpet.
>His jaw dropped and his pants bulging he started to say,

Iori (Ash): You shall all die.

> The girls looked at each other and laughed.  Misty spoke for
>the gigling nude group.
> "You missed one hell of a poker game."

K': Not to mention some pedophilia!

>So says Doppelganger

Hokuto: Well...*--*--*--*--* to you too!

>Email::: morph_ing@hotmail.com
>Cynics Corner, and Lemon archive

Iori: He's a Borg! Kill him!

    [Reverse Door Sequence]


K' and Iori are watching one of Gill's videos while loud sounds are coming from off screen, Hokuto's scream is heard.

K': Sounds like Kairi really knows how to please'em.. *the red button flashes*
Iori: I'll get it...

Iori is just about to push the button when Hokuto's foot hits it, turning on the monitor.

[Krizalid's Office]

Kriz: Did you have fun you li-AAAHHHHH! GOOD GOD! Get a room!


Kairi: *off screen, through gasps and pants* Why? Right here is as good as anywhere else...*Hokuto screams again*


Kriz: ....I think I'm blind. Do you four hate your torture and wish for it too stop?


K' and Iori: No. *Hokuto screams out yes several times*


Kriz: Grrr...dammit!  Frank!  Hit the button!


Iori: Uh...it's just you there Kriz.


Kriz: Grrr! Shut up!  *hits button himself, fade to black*

Perhaps that was the most important part.

>"You missed one hell of a poker game."

[Season One MSTings]

Episode 001: Zelgadiss the Rapper - Prologue
Episode 002: The Anime Laws
Episode 003: Zelgadiss the Rapper - I need to be a hero
Episode 004: Time Flies
Episode 005: Zelgadiss the Rapper - You guys can sit in the back

[Season Two MSTings]

Episode 006: Little Boys with Bad Intent
Episode 007: Pure Sex
Episode 008: A Poker Game

[Shameless Plug Alert]

It's finally happened...

Crowded Street