Good day ladies and gentlemen alike. I am Dudley and this is my theater where you may view some Alexander's MSTings. If you have a piece of fanfiction you would like him to MST, you may contact and send the fanfic to him here.

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Here is the current list of MSTings. Please be sure not to spill anything on the floor...

Zelgadiss the Rapper- Prologue: Watch as the fruitcake priest gets new enemies and get mocked, threatened and taunted a second time-a...which is only the least he deserves!
In the theater: Zelgadis Xeal, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield and Regina

The Anime Laws: Insanely accurate observations are everywhere. See Alex with his friends Jake and Chibi-chan be pulled into the madness!
In the theater: Alex, Jake, Chibi-chan and Regina

Zelgadiss the Rapper - I need to be a hero: Another chapter of this tale of various characters reduced to paper thin people. Watch as Alex, Chibi and the rest take a shot at destiny!
In the theater: Alex, Chibi-chan, RJ, Aurora and Yang (for a while)

Time Flies: *LEMON WARNING* Selphie has an...'interesting' love life with her
In the theater: McDohl, Kasumi, Pesmerga and Gremio

Zelgadiss the Rapper - You guys can sit in the back: The saga continues. Don't worry though. It DOES end after a while...we hope so heh heh.
In the theater: Zechs, Noin, Heero, Delita and Agrias

Little Boys with Bad Intent: *LEMON WARNING* An in-depth look at what a character from one of the worst series in the universe might want.
In the theater: Zel Xeal, Ryoko Shirou, Hellmaster and Shabranigdo

Pure Sex: *LEMON WARNING* More stupid Pokécrap action that gets all the original character MSTers lay the riffing on dark and heavy.
In the theater: Zel Xeal, Akred Seltoria, Ryoko Shirou and Sephirothtsu Valentine

A Poker Game: *LEMON WARNING* (This one's for you Sycia!) The crew never gets a break from this horrible crap. Hopefully their next pile of bot fodder'll be a non-lemon. Watch Kairi get some!
In the theater: K' Dash, Iori Yagami (NOT the Digimon one), Kairi and Hokuto

Who Am I?: A Ranma ˝ fanfic about a twin of Akane...that means there's another girl for Ranma to get into bed with. Alex finally gets off his lazy ass and MSTs again! PH34R!
In the theater: K' Evans, Sycia, Arekusu Ikari, Zyzyfer with pot shots from Iori Yagami along with guest appearances whom you won't know!

Resident Evil Code Veronica: Trapped in a Plane: *LEMON WARNING* One of the many RE lemons that might get the riffing treatment from Alex. I quote Chibi here. A....PJ....fanboy...*screams and passes out*
In the theater: Arekusu Ikari, Edgey, Chibi-chan and RJ Bachler.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - Trapped In The Basement: *LEMON WARNING* More Resident Evil lemon-y goodness. See Arekusu lose it and look good while doing so!
In the theater: Arekusu Ikari, Edgey, Chibi-chan and RJ Bachler

Phantasy Star Online: Kyle's Saga (Part 1): *LEMON WARNING* Just how many Fruityshade comments can Arekusu take? How long will the gang last? Is there really a She-Booma?!
In the theater: Arekusu (the PSO one), Hiddenshade, Eurythmic and Ayena

Phantasy Star III: By the Lake: *LEMON WARNING* Rhys takes advantage of his android servant. Watch as his boot fetish is revealed and he discovers female androids have a 'love button'.
In the theater: Arekusu, Meltina Shade, Wren and Rhys

Phantasy Star Online: Kyle's Saga (Part 2): *LEMON WARNING* Kyle discovers that monsters have hormones similar to teenagers and that all monsters go 'GRONK' when hit or do anything in particular.
In the theater: Arekusu, Meltina Shade, Hidden Shade, Wren and Rhys

Untitled Resident Evil 2 Lemon: *LEMON WARNING* Find out that sounds can indeed be copyrighted and there's more to Tyrants than meets the eye. Two of the original riffers return!
In the theater: Arekusu Ikari, Leon and Regina

Evil CS/OC/AWoW: *LEMON WARNING* I won't spoil it for you but hot damn is it amusing. To me it is anyway...
In the theater: Arekusu Ikari, Edgey, Chibi-chan and RJ

Phantasy Star Online: Kyle's Saga (Part 3): *LEMON WARNING* A certain two people from Arekusu's List of Known People return along with another person from his past. Oh, and the lemon continues.
In the theater: Arekusu, Meltina, Nanako, Kaerai and Rico

Final Fantasy Tactics: Delita's Corruption: *LEMON WARNING* Delita? Corrupt? Is that supposed to be new? Nah...
In the theater: Arekusu, Edgey, Kula^Diamond, Evil Shingo, Sycia and Batsu Power

Resident Evil: Trapped In A Mansion: *LEMON WARNING* Yeah yeah...I can't find anything better than a bunch of Resident Evil lemons.
In the theater: Arekusu Ikari, Edgey, RJ Bachler and Chibi-chan

Nameless PSO Lemon (Beginning): A special MSTing from Matt Walker! It took a lot of convincing to actually make him attempt it and it's pretty damn good for his first MSTing!
In the theater: Rockman X, Zero, Kivane and Xenos

Resident Evil: Code Veronica - The Ashford Family: *LEMON WARNING* Incest is best! Put your sister to the test!
In the theater: Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Billy Coen, and Rebecca Chambers

Rockman Zero: The Lemon: *LEMON WARNING* The second MSTing from Matt Walker, this one features criminal misuse of dildo jokes and "Fiber-Optic Penis-Fu!" (Edit: Down until I can find the real MSTing.)
In the theater: Rockman X, Zero, IKARI-Zero and Alia

D&D: Arekusu's Longest Journey and Viriello Gets What He Deserves: *LEMON WARNING* Based on a somewhat true story (the second portion didn't happen). The first lemon I actually asked for! Woo!
In the theater: Arekusu Ikari, Andrew of Phish, Nishahe and Enori Requinodel

Resident Evil - My Last Escape: *LEMON WARNING* Yeah, I know. It's been a while, but here's a new MSTing!
In the theater: Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers

Resident Evil - The Diner: *LEMON WARNING* With new and improved Leon action! NEW!
In the theater: Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Billy Coen and Vincent Valentine