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Greetings! Have you come to fight with me? No...? Awww.... Anyway, Alex has decided to put up this FAQ because it's the right thing to do and plus, he should anyway. There maybe be some non-questions though so just bear with us here. A final note. All questions were fixed so a normal human could read them instead of 'are' being presented as 'r'. Alex is a writer so that tends to bother him. He just thinks people like that are lazy/stupid/needtobeshot.

Care if I link to your site?

Go for it. Just use a banner if you can. Also, link to the warning and not the main page. The only two people who have special permission to link to certain sections are RJ and Chibi-chan. Be warned though, I'll link to you too and stick like Happosai in a panty drawer.

When are you going to update?

Whenever I have time to update. Don't bother me if I don't update though otherwise I won't.

Are you going to add a fanart section?

Possibly whenever my scanner is working again. Don't count on it.

Will you caption [insert picture here] this for me?

Sure. Just e-mail the picture to me.

Will you put [insert mp3 name here] this mp3 up for me?

No. My mp3 collection is all safely stored away on a bunch of CD-Rs.

Your site sucks! Will you shut it down?

How about you kiss my ass and we call it even?

Your site rocks! Can I work with you?

No. The only people I'd trust with my site are Chibi-chan, RJ, Zyzyfer, Sycia, Kula^Diamond and anyone else whom has a site and I'm friends with. Thanks for the ego boost though.

Why aren't the mp3s working anymore?! I wanted that song!

I-Drive is no longer doing hosting for that.

Will you introduce me to Chibi-chan, RJ and the others?

No. Chibi-chan will put you in a REALLY ugly dress. RJ will only want to meet you if you're a beautiful and willing woman, Edgey will torture you and the rest don't know or care who you are.

Some names aren't in the credits anymore! Why's that?

Because I'm not fond of that person anymore. Or I don't even talk to that person anymore. More likely to be the former though Deal with it.

j00 si+3 is 1337!! I ph34r j00! Are j00 as 1337?!

You got it all wrong. That should look like "0/\/\6!111! j00r $|+3 $| 1337!!11!!!! 4r3 j00 4$ 1337 4$ |+???????". And yes, I am as 1337 as my site if not more because I made it.

Are you really friends with Chibi-chan and RJ?

Duh...yeah? Would I talk to them if I didn't want to be friends with them?

Are you really a man?

No. I'm a large, butch lesbian who has a crush on Sycia and Chibi-chan. Of course I'm a guy!!

Why did you make Crowded Street?

I had a lot of captions and MSTings in my hard drive and I wanted to show them to the world so I made CS. And because Chibi-chan and RJ influenced me.

Do you play Street Fighter at all? Do you know who Ryu is?

Ryu who? Ryo? Kyo? Oooookay. Either I attract a lot of dim bulbs or human brain sizes shrunk ten sizes down while I was asleep. Of course I know who Ryu is.

Who is this...Chizuru Kagura?

My precious hunny-bunny. That's who. Actually, Chizuru Kagura is a ficitonal character in an SNK game called The King of Fighters.

Do you hate SNK?

Oh yes. I plot every SNK employee's demise in my small cramped apartment every night, throwing darts at their pictures on the wall because I'm Capcom's little fucking bitch.

Do you accept fanart/fics from people?

Of course. I'd like to get them more often but I do enjoy knowing my fans like me. I am most certainly not a picky person about what I post nor do my standards span beyond the clouds (=P they happen to be pretty average mind you).

Do you even know what Final Fantasy is?

Besides being the RPG that made the genre so damn big and popular, sported many bishounen villians, spiky haired heroes and big boobed heroines. Having dark characters, big breasted women with skirts that could be considered belts, the same summon monsters game after game and sometimes having a bad ending or two. No. I DON'T know what this "Final Fantasy' is. Do enlighten me please! I beg of you, kind soul who knows much about this finale of fantasies!

Why are you so bitter? Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

I'm bitter just because I know life isn't as sunny and magically delicious as some people tend to think. A realist has to think like one you know and I know the world isn't a giant fucking lollipop waiting to be licked and sucked down to nothing. I tend to not get along with people who don't realize there's a darker, more depressing side of life. In fact, I wonder how these people even live with such a messed up view of things. Where the hell did the second question come from? Yes. I did kiss my mother with this mouth. When did it become a good idea to ask a webmaster about why s/he is vulgar or bitter? I'm pessimistic. Deal with it.

Do you really write your fanfics or do you just steal other people's work because you have no talent?

Refer to the Legal page for Christ's sake. I'm ashamed people even think that. If you read a lot of books (which *I* don't), then maybe you might notice similar styles of writing but god, not everyone can be that damn unique with words.

Your site has nothing to do with Street Fighter! You're dumb!

Aside from the pictures of some of the 3rd Strike cast and the fact that the name 'Crowded Street' is the name of Yang and Yun's stage themes, you're right! Crowded Street has NOTHING to do with Street Fighter! I'm so ashamed and I'm so sorry to hear that tricked you so damn easily. Next time, do a little in-depth search of the site instead of brushing over the surface of it.

Your site is teh win! You are teh sexay!


Is Chibi-chan your girlfriend?

(Edited from Idiotic Poor Typist-nese. - AI)

*rolls eyes* Yes. That's exactly it. I can't believe someone discovered my secret affair with the Chan of Chibi. I hope they don't find about our flame-wielding, hyperactive love child next. Honest answer? I wish.

Are you and Walker gay lovers?

He wishes.

Can I be in one of your MSTings? My name is [so and so]!!!

Only if you plan on actually sending me some money. In other words, no. I don't do MSTings that include people that I do not know as I'm not a very nice person when it comes to certain things.

I love you.

I love me too.

I mean...I REALLY love you.

Dammit Walker. I don't swing that way. Leave me alone.

How come all your original characters have some sort of variation of your name?

Because I made up Are-X and Ikari Type 0 on a whim and I didn't really expect to see them used for anything in particular. And plus, I love me.

Is everything about you REALLY delicious?

God dammit Walker. If you e-mail me one more time, I'll kill you. To be truthful, yes. I am VERY delicious. Sexually and flavor-wise especially. I'm tough and chewy like jerky on the outside but inside, I have a tangy, citrus juicy center.

When will you actually update 'That's My Ikari!' again?

Probably never since I'm doing SAMBA and Magi now.

What is Code: SAMBA exactly?

Code: SAMBA is a sprite based comic set in the Rockman/Megaman X universe and portrays the adventures of a small team of reploids who handle situations that one would normally call 'delicate'.

What is Magi: Death and Rebirth?

Magi: Death and Rebirth is my second sprite based comic, this time set in the world of Final Fantasy III/VIj, inspired by Tremolo's Age of the Magi. It takes place before the events of the game itself.