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Ah! Welcome to the Highway. You'll find all Alex's links here. He doesn't mind if you link to here but you should at least tell him! Want him to link to your site? Go ahead and ask him.

Please note that some of these sites maybe not be safe for work and should be viewed at your own risk.

Friends' Sites

So I know this guy who knows this other guy.

Edgey's Theater of Brain Breaking Purple Flames (Currently Down) Beer's Keg o' Funk (Currently Down) Unsound of Mind by Tara Welker Saikyo Powaa by Son Goharotto Reality's End by Arylon Darkness Entwined by Cronos Dark Messiah by Grid Entrail's Entworks The Wrong Plot by DTZ

Video Game Sites

Gaming related stuff to encourage the hobby.

Probably your best bet on hearing about anything RPG related.

Street Fighter Grand Archive:
One of the best Street Fighter fansites you'd ever find circa the early 2000s. I'm amazed its still up though.

So long as you stay away from the forums, it's pretty handy.

Code Twink:
Formerly known as the Game Software Code Creator's Club.

Acts of Gord:
The chronicles of the Gord are available to all who wish to bask in his divine glory. Love the Gord. Fear the Gord.

The Castlevania Dungeon:
Because you care about the people who whip things and why they do it.

Atlus USA:
My prefered gaming company, though our relationship is pretty rocky.

Home of the beautifully made remake of Streets of Rage 2 and 3. New!

Hardcore Gaming 101:
A whole slew of articles pertaining to plenty of underrated or otherwise underappreciated games, both new and old. New!

Sirlin.net: Moderately educational and interesting articles about game design theory. New!

Digital Devil Database: For all things related to the Megami Tensei franchise and its assorted spin-offs. New!

Web Comics

Some drawn. Some not. Some no longer updating.

Sluggy Freelance:
Baby's first webcomic. No seriously, this is probably the first webcomic most people'll run into.

Penny Arcade:
Gabe and Tycho's comic. Giving out donations because Jack Thompson is too big of a douche to really do so.

8-bit Theater:
Still ongoing even though I started reading it eight years ago when I was just entering highschool.

Planet Zebeth:
Kinda sort stopped reading at some point and never really started up again. Pretty good stuff though when I read it though.

In before a lot nonsense about B^U and so on and so forth.

RPG World:
Great comic, unfortunate indefinite hiatus due to Ian working on Venture Bros.

Player Versus Player:
I find it infinitely amusing that he's got an apparent rivalry with the author of Non-Sequitor.

Misleading name. Pretty okay comic. When it updates.

Sexy Losers:
One of my favorites. Author lost ambition and all motivation to continue it, however.

SNK vs. The World:
Support anything SNK plzkthxbye. Hasn't seen an update in forever.

Formerly the comic known as Krakow.

VG Cats:
Updates less than...well, Scott doesn't update much nowadays.

Chugworth Academy:
Pretend to be surprised at me linking another NSFW comic (that never updates).

Manic Graffiti:
I'm a on and off World of Warcraft player, after all. Currently done and over with.

Alien loves Predator:
Makes me miss my old Predator and xenomorph action figures.

A Dollar Late and a Day Short:
Jin Wicked's new comic to replace Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break. The new artwork reminds me of...muppets.

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic:
Another on hiatus comic? PSHAW!

El Goonish Shive: Up and down in terms of how often I read it.

This ultimately depends on how much you care for Megamissions. You know, that non-canon Megaman card game that no one important cares about.

The Order of the Stick:
C'mon now. I'm a D&D nerd.

Van Von Hunter:
In before mainstream popularity.

Three Panel Soul:
Former known as Mac Hall.

The Pet Professional:
Because PETA and veggies are losers. Currently on indefinite hiatus.

Holy Zen!:
The Guilty Gear sprite comic.

Everybody loves Zombie Bruce Lee.

Something Positive:
For anyone who thinks I don't have an inspirational outlook on life.

The Perry Bible Fellowship:
Like pretty much everything else I link it, it's gone on hiatus.

The webcomic about crazy toy collectors.

Press Start to Play:
Updates? What updates?

Joyce and Walky:
A pretty decent comic once you get past how annoying Joyce is.

Punks and Nerds:
Has nothing to do with punk music, but plenty to do with nerds. Comic's over, but the archive is still there.

GU Comics:
A gaming comic that amazingly sticks to gaming related stuff almost all the time.

The Last Days of FOXHOUND:
For you Metal Gear Solid lovers out there. Comic ended at #500.

Errant Story:
I don't read it anymore, but maybe you'll like it?

Krazy Krow's more serious comic. I don't even know what the hell is going on half the time. New!

An exciting adventure with spunky teenage girl heroines. New!

No Need For Bushido:
An equally exciting adventure about ronin and samurai, because we all can't get enough. New!

Marry Me:
You know, I have no idea what drew me in here. Maybe I was expecting porn at some point. New!

Least I Could Do:
I keep getting this sense that I'm being cockteased. There's so much talk of tits, but we never get any! New!

Looking For Group:
It's not a World of Warcraft comic despite really seriously looking like it. New!

I Heart Disappointment:
Spiritual sequel to Entertain Dome. Currently on hiatus. New!

A Slice of Life:
Infinitely better than the slice of life genre in anime. New!

Peach Pop!:
This is why I never update. Something always comes up when I try. Like the phone ringing or an alarm going off. New!

Geist Panik:
Spiritual sequel to Hookie Dookie Panic. New!

Who uses symbols in place of letters now, man? Seriously. New!

Dueling Analogs:
Good, but kind of bias sometimes. New!

Dominic Deegan:
More fantasy world adventure. And now I'll never see orcs as anything other than sexy ladies with green skin. Like delicious She-Hulk. New!

Digital Unrest:
The...science gaming webcomic? New!

Darths & Droids:
In the same vein as DM of the Rings, except longer. New!

Castle Vidcons:
This is pretty much how I see the Wii, personally. New!

Cartridge Comics:
Monthly updates, I think. I can't tell anymore. New!

Brawl In the Family:
Mostly Super Smash Bros. related, with random non-SSB comic. New!

Awkward Zombie:
Another mostly Super Smash Bros. related comic with a good dosage of WoW. New!

Accursed Dragon!:
Yet another high fantasy comic to bide my time between D&D games. New!

Paradigm Shift:
Yeah, I don't really get what the title has to do with werewolves either. New!

Zelda Comic
The rarely updated Zelda sprite comic. Needless to say, it's on a sparse updating schedule. New!

Music Sites

As Sycia (and many others) used to say, music shall soothe the savage beast.

Overclocked Remix:
Lost a lot of its charm and quality over the years, but hey...

VG Mix:
Mostly okay remixes. Less technical about submissions.

Chudah's Corner:
For all your soundtrack reference needs. *NEW*

Other Sites

Once Alex gets more links, these sites'll be the other categories that pop up.

Everything What Is Crap:
The website formerly known as Shinji's Vault of Anime MSTings.

Cutepet: Jared and Lindsey's site, packed with loads of excellent artwork. May very well lead to some porn if you're clever enough. Just don't read Peach Fuzzy, for the love of god.