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*holding up signs* Having decided that he kept the legal section up for long enough, Alex has opted post random downloads for things he's enjoying at the moment. Check back every now and then for new music, games or books.

Song of the Week

Crowded Street by various from the many Street Fighter III games. Obviously this is being posted because these songs are what this website was named after. Included in the file are the Original, Twilight Edit (from the Street Fighter 3: New Generation Arranged soundtrack), Drum and Bass Edit, Action Movie Edit (both from Street Fighter 3: Second Impact) and the various mixes from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

Song of the Week

Signs of Love by Shoji Meguro from the Persona 4 soundtrack. I've yet to play the game since I'm pretty apathetic about the direction the Persona series has taken.

Game of the Week

Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara made by Capcom when they were buddy buddy with pretty much everyone. Be advised that you'll need an emulator (typically KAWAKS, my personal preference) to run this.

Old Comics

Black Ray (Issue 1) written by me in my teens and drawn by my friend Steve. Maybe one day, we'll revisit the world of global safety with Goku, Asuka and Claude in their misfit adventures.