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Greetings. Alex has replaced Tio with me and now, the almighty and eternally glowing Gill, is in charge of this section. You are free to view the presents he has obtained from his companions and presents he has given them. Don't let it be limited to that though. You can send him your fanart and stuff too.

Gifts from Others

Alex Wallpaper (800 by 600): From Mango
Chibi Slam Dunk Picture: From Mango (Weird O.o;;)
Chun-Li Banner: From Jess
Another Chun-Li Banner: From Jess (And you ain't lookin' at her face this time)
Heero Head Banner: From Meg (wherever you are at the moment...)
KD-0084 BB Members (Animal Forms): From Sycia (I'm the one with the jester hat by the way)
Asuka from Black Ray: From Emiko
Asuza from Black Ray: From Emiko
Chibi-chan: Made by Orochi Yamazaki (who has mad sprite editing skills)
RJ Bachler: Also made by Orochi Yamazaki
Celine's Bromide - The Shower: From Chibi-chan
Celine Banner: From Chibi-chan
Rei Ayanami-chan: From Chibi-chan
Me, in Capcom vs. SNK 2: From RJ
Alex-chan: From RJ
The Trio of Hearts: From Chibi-chan
Kinky SoR: From Nes and Jes, captioned by me.
Capcom vs. SNK 2 Alex (Kyo Kusanagi Style) Made by RJ *NEW*
Capcom vs. SNK 2 Alex (Rock Howard Style) Made by RJ *NEW*
CFC1 Alex Made by RJ *NEW*
CFC2 Alex Made by RJ *NEW*
CFC2 Shin Alex Made by RJ *NEW*
Capcom vs. SNK 2 Alex-chan Made by RJ *NEW*
CFC1 Alex-chan Made by RJ *NEW*
CFC2 Alex-chan Made by RJ *NEW*
CFC1 Bachler-bot Made by RJ *NEW*
CFC2 Bachler-bot Made by RJ *NEW*
CFC1 I-Zero Made by RJ *NEW*
CFC2 I-Zero Made by RJ *NEW*
Team Up Card (Pardon our dust while we kick your ass!) Made by RJ *NEW*

Gifts to Others

Organized Chaos Banner: Made for Chibi-chan
The Caption Team (Chibi, RJ and myself): Made for RJ and Chibi-chan
Chibi-chan, in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Made for Chibi by RJ and I
RJ, in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Made by RJ, color edit data by me =P
Bare Knuckle Fakeshots One | Two | Three | Four | Five: For Sycia
RJ-chan Sprite Edits: Made for RJ (check each word for a different sprite edit)
Saturday Night Slam Masters Edits Made for RJ and Chibi (the resident wrestling fan) *NEW*